Mixed drinks

We are often amazed by bartenders mixing drinks while entertaining us with the dexterity of their hands, their creativity. Mixing drinks is a bit of chemistry and creativity; and bartending doesn't always - but often - start with spirits. The thing to remember is there are two types of mixed drinks: Ones that contain alcohol and ones that don’t. So whether you are learning to make mixed drinks in order to become a bartender or just learning for entertaining at home, to make a relaxed vodka drink with your friends, or a formal pre-dinner cocktail to your in-laws, there are several relatively easy and affordable ways to go about learning to make mixed drinks and absolutdrinks.com is probably where you want to start making your own mixed drinks if your 21 and over. Absolutdrinks is one of the worlds largest drink database. You can mix your drinks and save it in your own drink book, starting by choosing what kind of glass you want your drink to end up in. It’s kind of entertaining to do the mixing yourself with their flash application. The website is simple and user-friendly. I enjoyed mixing my own drink and learning more about them, with the tips and side notes, the site is worth recommending, having high rating. See what’s their mixed drink of the day.

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