My dad was elected!

We rode around the our barangay, Mankilam, my mother, 3 sisters (we lack one, she is in Dubai) and four relatives more with my brother driving. We were on the go, with sound system to thank the people who voted for my dad in his candidacy. He won in the election! We are so happy much more because he is no. two of forty, of which only seven will hold office. Though we can accept it, it is very disappointing to lose seeing their efforts in the campaign. Some people wondered, I don't know why, why my father won, and somebody asked them if they had not seen the strategy and tactics we, I just contributed a little actually, have done; and if they'll ask who is behind all those uniques ideas that made real impact on the people's view, it was my sister, Bebs. Darn, she's full of ideas and creativenss, even when we were still not yet in school, she taught us abc's and was our 'teacher/principal' in a school we played/created. She's a darling. Everyone was tired from weeks of indivudual assignments, it was actually fun. And since we won, the efforts were all worth it all. Just glad that there were no troubles in the election.

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November 5, 2007 at 9:51 AM

congrats sa imo daddy guapa for winning the uncle was not so fortunate..he lost the race on his last term for a difference of 40 votes..huhhuuh..hmmm basin nakadaog pa siya if naa pami didto..aheeh..pero ok lng ky naa paman next time..aheheh