Password keeper

I watched a TV presentation months ago about Nostradamus where the narrator said that if Michel de Nostredame had been alive today and have a blog, it would be highly protected. In the world wide haven of deceit and fraud that has been abusing the web, protections are not just for predictions and politics that highly affects the world, but equally important are the mission-critical financial, human resources and other applications. Did we know that there are inherent security gaps in more than 30 versions of UNIX and Linux systems? Highly technical, yes, but so are people that try to access your confidential data across the internet that we have to safeguard proprietary information from both external and internal threat.

Symark Software, the leading provider of heterogeneous IT environments security administration solutions helps organizations safeguard proprietary information, to limit access to information and systems based on pre-defined policies and privileges, the password keeper, for it is vital that we have a comprehensive access control mechanism in place. Every where we turn what we need is security. Security is a top priority. It is our password, we are the keepers.

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