Travel insurance

We flew to Holland mid-October. One of the requirements I had to meet to obtain Schengen visa was travel insurance, for the very essence of the word, travel protection, while abroad. You can begin your trip without any travel insurance and be self insured, but did you know that if you become ill abroad the costs to treat you could be very high? How would you find a doctor? Where would you find appropriate healthcare facility? Where would you seek advice? Did you know that HMO's, PPO's and Medicare typically do not cover you abroad? Travel insurance, also know as trip insurance, trip cancellation insurance and trip interruption insurance protects a traveler's vacation cost against cancellation, interruption and delay while also providing medical, lost or damaged property coverage. Researching travel insurance products can be confusing. But there is worldtravelcenter who has Policy Picker to help you easily compare prices and benefits of several travel insurance plans. Be insured, especially when traveling.

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