Coup D'etat in Makati

I wargot the first flight and the last flight for that day for my only business in Manila was to go to the Indian Embassy to apply for another tourist visa. My old one, which is unused will expire the 20th this month and I'm gonna leave before that and after the new year. So to pass time, I just roam around SM Makati and Glorietta before going back to the airport for the evening flight. I will not say I was unlucky, for the name will live up through my day, but I take it kind of funny experience. I was prepared to meet my sister's friend so I lined up with other people to wait for taxi. And you know how they are when it is raining, they're very precious, or "magpapresyo", and did I say it was raining the whole day? I was patient though, one hour was okay if you see you moved a bit ahead of the line. Then in a sudden there were so many people coming and passing by us from nowhere you would be confused what was happening, it was early yet for offices to close and guess what, SM Mall to close at 4pm? Something's wrong! My eldest sister has been texting me to go away fom the place for they're watching the news and it said in Makati there was coup d'etat! Oh my goodness! Hahaha, I just flew to Manila to almost run into coup d'etat site! Way klaro jud ako lakaw, ambot lang jud, namuot na lang ko. Kina way klarohang lakaw jud.

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