India Embassy in Manila

Days before thursday I had been calling the Indian Embassy for schedules and some things to be sure everything is okay before going there. No problems. The guards' reasons for not allowing us in to the vilage where the Embassy is was that the association in the village restricts that, and they have to follow it. Imagine the disapointment and aggravation to fly hundreds of miles just to go to that place only to be blocked when you can see already the street where the embassy is. I was just up to staring at it. Well, I called the Embassy many times and they didnt say anything about that. Someone also was not let it, an applicant for Kuwait. Later did I know that there was a protest for that association that won't let applicants. But I see they won. Haha no so lucky day for me, and it was raining. So I called the Indian Embassy which is laterally just meters away and asking them about my case. "She" advised me to just mail my application via LBC! Yeah right. Oh well. I just came there to mail my applications. Just glad it went okay in the end.

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