NCLEX exam result

Wshe's done it!e are so happy today. My elder sister went to the post office for the second time after so many calls. We have been expecting a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing in California, of the result of the exam she took last October. We were supposed to get it four to six weeks from that time and we didn't hear any about it. Some of her mates got their result already and they all passed. It is said that if the mail that comes is in a small envelop, it means that it is a "passed", and if the result is "failed", it will be on the big and thick envelop, as some reapplication forms will be enclosed. Just some indications if you fail or not. We had been worried about it. I guessed it was just lost in the post office. And we proved it right today. My eldest sister passed the NCLEX exam! Yess! There are so many things to be thankful for. Everything.

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