Product sampling

Hubby brought my mail with him in India so I can see them earlier. I received Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD, the ultimate video fireplace DVD, and a cute Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder and Color Flames Colored Candles from Vat19 as a recipient of advertiser product sampling. Everything is so perfect in timing. While I had been away, hubby continued the work for our outdoor fireplace and the video Vat19 sent us is just exactly for it. It is very beautiful, and this video will really add to the perfection of our outdoor chimney. That is what we will do when I get back home. While I am here, we will be using the Insta Snow on my youngest brother’s birthday, for fun, and the candle, to make it so special since he will be in another stage, just to make it so unforgettable. You can also get all of them, even recycled sail bags along with other unique, cool, and real useful things.

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January 20, 2008 at 2:50 AM

Hi Lotis. Thank you very much huh? Ang dami mo rin pala Blog. Ok I will add it also in all my site ng dahan dahan ha mahina kalaban eh.hehe..slow pa kasi connection ko. But surely you'll be in my everyday life blog now. Here are my sites to:
thank you for voting and please come back the next following day.Happy Sunday Lotis:)