Something is hanging up high

103: High - too high for the child.

I saw this one in Davao just before heading to the airport going back to the US.

shoe in the tree

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Holding on

It is not sad after all. It is such a great comfort and exultation here that I found it, finally, just when I needed it most. It feels like holding on to something that makes you secure with its promise when you are so alone. So it seems the darned shoes will be spared since I found my precious bracelet.

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I will trade all my shoes

for my white synthetic bracelet

My blogs have been deactivated, my pictures of belongingness has been removed. It is another chapter of my life. It is ironic. I have also been searching for my white synthetic bracelet that was given to me by a very dear person in my life few years back. But I couldn't find it. Oh how I will trade all of my shoes and everything I have just to find it again. If I can go home right now it will be the very thing that I will look for, that very precious thing.

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(I need) Someone to love me

Well here I go again
My mind is slowing down
My heart is giving in
But I confess that I must find
The one thing on my mind
But where do I begin

I kept thinking on my own,
There’s no way that I can live this lonely world alone
Will I ever know the comfort of a home?
Where I can have

Someone to love me when I cry
To wipe away the tears from my eyes
To hold me close and love me through the night
Could there be somebody
Cause I need someone to love me all my life

“Someone to Love Me” – is a Song from the “Out Of The Dark And Into The Light” CD of Lee Benhken, which has been a #1 radio hit single in the Philippines.

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Traditional cooking

102: METAL - (Stand and wok)

metal wok

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Family vacation ideas

All of the vacations we have taken are in a class by themselves. One of the craziest we have experienced is in New Orleans. We went there to apply for my Schnengen visa for our Holland trip, and to make most our time, we spent the weekend there and experienced most things the crescent city has to offer. What made that trip so crazy? You have to come there to see in your eyes and experience first hand the wonder, amusement and entertainment in New Orleans. There are so many things to do in New Orleans, especially in Bourbon Street. I am not much of a party or nightlife fan, but to see what is happening there is entertaining enough. To make our trip there worth our while and educational, we went with Trusted Tours & Attractions to guide us through New Orleans. That was really beneficial on our part.

Now we are talking about our next vacation. We have seen rich and so many family vacation ideas from trusted tours that we can base our holiday planning on. One of the places we want to go to is New York. The big apple has got everything to offer to each and every tourist that comes. One spot I’m interested in is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It would be a very amazing experience to explore the world, all in one roof, wouldn’t it? Trusted tours and attractions will make the fun and entertaining experience possible. You will surely see the difference between their superb services compared to our own unguided tour. It will really worth our while to learn the things behind the interesting pieces of attractions and history we will see. It will be more fun, entertaining and educational. And you know what, they even have a promo today where you will win cool gadget you can enjoy using while on the trusted tour. Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win an IPOD Nano! Offer ends Monday, March 31st, 2008.

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Guest in the house

We are being good host and hostess for three days since yesterday. We have a good Indian guest in the house. His wife and him had been so good to us too when we were in India. They are really nice people that is why they are blessed so much.

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Chinese whispers

I feel wild within these days. I don't feel like writing too. I have been discussing my change of priorities with my sister for few weeks and we have been in the transition, but of course, I will still come here from time to time. When I was browsing my files, I came across this scrap which I experimented with more than half a year ago na pala. I hope not that it will be that long before I can visit again my blog. Anyway. So this is my first scrap. Newbie talaga that time I even put it there and the date. This is based on Shelleyrae Cusbert's chinese whispers. I'm far from Chinese. Whispers are just in my head. It is just a nice layout to start with (not quiet finished). Did I say 'wild'?

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Car covers

It’s spring. Everything is blooming, especially the pines. Alas. The pollens cover everything here with yellow, even the car in the garage. We cannot always cover it for we have to open the garage. Guess needing car cover. Big sky car cover sells custom and fine car and truck covers for the lowest price. Quality product is always what we want, and it will also lasts long, not just for one spring but for more.

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Drug treatment and recovery

It is not comforting seeing people destroyed by drug abuse. Seeing their lives shattered and their judgment deteriorated. That’s all drug abuse offer, the greatest being taking one’s life. But what is comforting is that there are good institutions that take care of those victims that fell prey to illegal drugs. Cliffside Malibu can bring the drug treatment that those people deserve. With their programs and services, their healing and recovery comes smoothly in the process. It’s a great institution where the subjects feel at least, home.

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Sommerset mortgage

It doe not matter if the market is down or up. We need shelter. And whether you’re looking into new home or refinancing, there are always some out there that are fair on both sides. When you apply for mortgage, choose mortgage lenders that are insured, and that are offering several protections and benefits otherwise unavailable applicants through most other loan packages, and most importantly, Somerset Mortgage Lenders offer service that is of high ethics and quality mortgage products and pricing.

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Relieving stress

My body was so painful and hurting, head aching, both due to the previous day activity, and also from my sleeping position (I was exhausted). So I soaked in the hot tub for destressing, with this:


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Acne cure revealed

We are supposed to “put” our best “face” forward, to be presentable especially when dealing with people. Well, sometimes, acne makes us lose some confidence out of our self-image; there always comes that time. And sometimes, when we try products to heal it, it just gets worse. That is why they make acne cures revealed on the net detailing the five best acne treatment. It’s feels so good to be cured.

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Dodge Charger accessories

Your passion is on cars. And better yet, you are looking for vehicle accessories and parts. Well, wood ash experts has the latest selection of Dodge Charger accessories for 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 models, from a complete line of custom grilles, spoilers, chrome accessories and trim, lighting, to interior upgrades for your dodge charger. It is good to be updated when necessary, and this company makes it your one stop shop for that need.

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Stands and mounts

Hubby said I am spoiled; chatting with him while watching 60” TV. Well, great it is mounted just right. For your home theater equipment, furniture and accessories, stands and mount is the internet store that has wide variety and all kinds of stands, 10-60” tv mounts, audio racks and anything to compliment your home theater to a more functional levels. May yours be flat screen or tube TV, they have all styles and kinds of mounts, ceiling, wall and all accessories to choose from so you can free up some more home space.

tv stands and mounts

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Emerging market consulting

There is nothing better than bringing your company to the attention of Wall Street. It means you have attained the level where exposure in the micro and small-cap equity markets is within your reach, and that means, success. But true it is not easy to go there unless you have experts in the market, brokers, and investors’ relations’ consultants to bring your company’s name to the top. That is where emerging market’s penny stocks programs will be of very great help. They have the market expertise and experience to represent your organization for best result.

emerging markets

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