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We had a date in town!

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This is my story, this is my song

I left my kingflute in the Philippines which I regret to forget to bring back upon my return here in the USA. I had always carried it with me everywhere I travel. So I have been wanting to order one on the internet since I missed playing it. This week to my surprise hubby suddenly told me to order one on amazon after confirming I left it home. How could he know, I did not tell him about it... And I got it in the mail today! Yamaha soprano recorderI was so excited I tried it right away after initially inspecting it. I love the instrument! It is very beautiful and so are the sounds that it produces. Thank you so much mylove, for bringing music to my heart, for making my heart sing all the day long with happiness being married to you. I love you so much honey.

The video below is the acapella version of the first piece I played the recorder with; know what song it is.

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The prudent choice

Insurance quotes online exist so you could get quotes and compare polices and make the prudent choice that is best applicable to us. It is the fact of life we need to take care of, not just for our sake but also for our family, seeing ahead for a long term. For the sake of good information and seeing life at average twenty year term, get life insurance quotes and see your options from the insurance carrier.

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Colon cleansing

We know that toxins and bacteria that go into our bodies through the food we eat can harm us. But imagine how much more threatening it is if they were slowly built up over time because of our lifestyle. Aside from developing candida, constipation, becoming overweight, and other various diseases, if we don’t clean our organs it may eventually led to death. It is indeed very essential to do colon cleanse once in a while to get rid of toxins in our bowels, as good health starts from the inside.

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Deer plot

Weekend Snapshot - 32 weekend snapshot

I drove the four-wheeler today going to hubby's property across the creek not so far from the house. I had to check how the seeds are coming that he planted last month. Though the land is dry, it is gratifying to see they are growing. We definitely could use some rain for them.

deer plot

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Bed in a box

Sometimes we wake up in the morning with body and joint pain, and as if our sleep is not complete. I had felt that several times. Well if we have a good bedding that is a luxury in itself but affordable for us, we can surely have comfort sleeping in a deep sleep because it will help ease and relax our muscles on it. Bedinabox is supposed to be the lowest price in America for these quality mattresses.

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Wildlife and game hunting

photohunt 105: Twist(ed) - Wildly twisted

I did not find any more related photos in my files so I took these picture today for my "twisted" entry. The horns are obviously twisted, the natural way :-) These and some other horned company are hung on our game room, hubby's collection of his wildlife and game hunting.

game hunting
corsican ram

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Mea culpa

Language lesson folks. In the last few hours, I encountered the word two times. Okay enough for it. What does it mean?

Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as "my fault", or "my own fault".
I see, mea culpa. All I know of the language is the 3-letter abbreviation "ETC". kidding.

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Cheap flights

Our flight to Holland last October was free. That was great. But not all things come free, that is why it is just as great that you can find cheap flights online. Flight are really cheap, it is affordable to travel to your dream vacation or the place you’ve wanted to visit. I was kind of excited that flying to Greece would be that affordable at Sherman’s travel deals. Check out how cheap your future flights will be.

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The sheriff

Days ago a technician was fixing the house alarm system. Of course he has to test the sirens, but he must have not set it to test mode that the company called. So I explained. I was sitting on the porch rocking chair reading a book in that afternoon (staying away from pc, that is) when I saw two sheriff cars rolled down the driveway. They thought there was fire in the house. So I explained again and the technician too. Well, the good thing was you would know they respond on time.

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Remembrance of home

I decided to stay away from the virtual world for I don’t know how long, but there are some posts I have to make. Not that this one is one of them but I just want to pass time.

My mother was naturally worried of me when I first came here, knowing that half of the time I will be alone. My sisters said that I could bear it since I am the most home buddy among us siblings, even used to it. And they were right. I could live with this lifestyle of being alone in the US when Lee is at work. And I am fine with it. But no matter how well one does it, loneliness still pierced my heart when I go to sleep at night, especially these days. For in the time the feeling of quietness (though it is usually quiet here unless I’m watching a movie especially a High def, kind of company, kumbaga), I feel self-pity, don’t wonder why, because I am so alone. If you could understand it. Oh I can bear it, it is just that feeling that haunt me sometimes when I lay in bed. Sometimes I am thinking that when I was in the Philippines, I can go anywhere, the mall or anywhere downtown anytime, and encounter so many people. No man is an island jud, human nature talaga to long for company. Here I am surrounded by few people in their 70’s to the 90’s, who, I understand, are, according to my father-in-law’s words, of feeble minds, makabugo pud ug apil. Not that I mind, it is just different. I am so lonely. In the US you are all by yourself, just the opposite in the Philippines where endless relatives are with us, in our house. I did not appreciate too much of it though, but don’t like none of it either. Today my eldest sister is coming home, that means for good, she resigned from the clinic, and I am happy for her, and for them there for they will be having more fun being together, here, I am so alone. When I lay in bed, oh how I missed Ladygishi. She is only a cat, but she has been a very valuable company for me, someone who listened. Until now I am not over with that loss. I just didn’t like it at all that someone asked if I already got a new cat that someone else told her about. Not two weeks ago my sister was celebrating her birthday, a very happy one, and I was so glad that hers was great, for I was in one of the loneliest times here during my birthday. It is okay; it is just a passing feeling. And life will not always be like this. It is learning experience though, to use and rely more on your own, of your own strength. When you are so far away, everything, even to the minutest detail, holds true that there is no place like home jud.

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A company

104: Glass - just having half on one of my hot tub sessions.

photohunt glass and cat
cat and glass

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Progesterone relief

progesteroneProgesterone is a female hormone involved in the female menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and anything female. But there are times when these natural hormone levels are low and declining, and therefore imbalanced, and in some situations, during our natural cycles we suffer discomforts. That is when progesterone crème may be applied with your doctor’s consultation to relive and prevent symptoms of PMS, Perimenopause, and Menopause, low libido, excessively heavy period, and dysmenorrhea or cramps.

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Diet energy

weight loss pillsWe have seen so many of us gets overweight, and when unwanted fat bugs you, weight loss pills are something you may want to check out that they can help increase your metabolic rate so you burn more calories faster, aside from reviewing your own lifestyle and eating habit. Coupled with exercise and activity, they will surely all work out to loss fat quick and safe.

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Discount home theater seating

We love movies. They are the top form of our entertainment. If we won’t go for a movie night out at weekends, when hubby’s home, we will just stay and watch in the house. After all, it is a home theater. I can really say it is a very nice system. The experience is great and much better than the ordinary, while you are comfortably on the recliner. You know if you are looking for discount home theater seating you will always find the best deal, and everything will be worth the entertainment while spending quality time with your loved ones with all the comfort of the seating.

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