Aid call as Burma casualties rise

Thousands of people in Burma are feared dead after a devastating cyclone struck the country.This is one of the most devastating cyclone that happened this year. We need to help these people through aid, relief goods or even prayers.
International agencies are pushing to gain access for a massive aid operation in Burma, where the toll from Saturday's cyclone continues to rise.
State media say 10,000 people died in one town alone, a day after officials said 10,000 had perished in total.Hundreds of thousands of people are said to be without clean water and shelter, with some areas still cut-of.Burma's leaders say they will accept external help, in a move correspondents say reflects the scale of the disaster.The military government has traditionally been suspicious of aid agencies, limiting their activities.But Paul Risley, a spokesman for the World Food Programme, said the UN had been given a "careful green light" and was gearing up to deliver aid "as quickly as possible".

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