Seeds biodome

funny photo

I I could collapse! I was so tired yesterday, all my strength was drained from my arms and neck! The other day I assembled the shelves that we will use to grow seeds upon. We are serious in our gardening now. That was no hassle but yesterday I put on all four individual double fluorescent lamps on each shelf and it was killing me. Well, it is one of those things that are hard to do when you are alone; having a helpmate will surely make the world seems bright in that case. I had to hold the lamps and at the same time brace them to the framing, and they are not lightweight. I’ll be! After testing all the lights, my grin does not help any to relive the weakness in my arms. Anyway, this is what it bugging me yesterday:

plant light cart

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Bridal lingerie

L Last week me and two other Pinay friends were shopping at Alexandria mall. We had a great time and fun buying sexy things for us and for our husbands and partner. Those nice little things fall under the bridal lingerie, things we wear on the wedding night and all after that. They have so many collections at the lingerie diva store, a definite resources for pretty sexy things like these.

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S So many people really needed it that supply is abundant; but sometimes we wonder which is which. There are so many diet pills sold in the market and of course they are not created equal, some are good, some are not helping at all in any case. What is important in these supplements are the ingredients that made them do their intended purpose, helps you loss weight. From the Anoretix review, each tablet component contributes to burning the fat in the body that many users testified of it’s effectiveness. It indeed pays to be informed of what medicine you are taking, in this case, diet pills and supplement.

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Bright eyes

116 (): Bright

This is one of those I won't forget about during our travels in India. The boy's bright-eyed expression is so nostalgic to me, of childhood. See how special he is:

Indian child
Indian boy
credits for the scrapbooking I made as tribute to the little buddy.

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Body building factory

M Majority of all commercial advertisements I see on TV are about weight loss, and just makes sense since vast number of people needed to reduce the excess “bad” body fat. For some, if not for all, the control of their diet helps them gain back the ideal body weight and physique, with bodybuilding and affordable supplements from body building factory that work for them and others with some other method or operation they have tried to work. It is just simply doing what you ought to to your body, releasing its burden of bad fats for better health and well-being.

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The unpredictability of our time

Y Yesterday morning we were having breakfast with highly respectable men. One of the topics is about the fire that burnt lives in Alexandria. One of the victims was a 13 year old boy who just spent that night at his friend’s home. And that night, one of the few he was sleeping at a friend’s house, there was a fire that did not even bother to wake them up. It was so tragically sad for that young good boy. It reminds me again how unpredictable our time to go is. Whatever is the circumstance we are in, when it is time there will be no going back. In the end what is important is that we know now for sure where we will be going then.

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Glass sinks

TThere is one couple who is in the process of completing their house and when it came to plumbing and fixtures they have to decide since the wife fell in love with a very artistic glass sinks. Yes glass. I love anything made of glass and with sinks, it will be very stylish and elegant. They are not that expensive at express d├ęcor who has a wide variety of glass vessels and faucets. They’re just very lovely, a very good decision.

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A yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree

yellow ribbon

Told oak treeThis reminds me of the good old song about a yellow ribbon tied around the old oak tree. Why yellow one has to know. But it is not an indication that "ya still want me", but a number of this yellow ribbon tied around the old oak trees and lofty companies mean that soon they would be cut, poor old trees. If I would choose I will not let any of them be cut down, but we had to since they were in the area where hubby's gonna build his equipment shop. So we had to let the trees fall and serve as firewoods for the neighbors, not bad after all.

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Corporate performance management

IIn business, why are other companies flourishing and others struggling hard? The corporate performance management makes all the difference. The award-winning CPM implements innovation technology solutions with the latest business software and applications that evaluate business performance and magnify the corporate business value. They help managers continue to find new and innovative ways to tract their progress and improve their business weight and providing the best service to their costumers. Some of us have natural management abilities but in this business-paced world, CPM will be an added remarkable advantage.

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"I go crazy"

MMy mind is singing Paul Davis’ “I go crazy”’s first few lines right now. Hello “friends” it’s been awhile. It has been awhile and I am back now. Guess you'll be glad to know that everything is okay and better. How have you been doing? We had been in one of the toughest times in the last few crazy weeks. But like as they say, life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re up, sometimes down, thanks to the wheel inventors, hehehe funny…

bench wheel funny
And when all the grasses wither and flowers fade, there is only one thing we can really lean and rest on to. And It really helped me. Just as It does to anybody else.

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A better place to dine

Few months ago my mom bought a home furniture. A very beautiful wooden and glass table set. It is so nice and it made our kitchen a better place to dine. I was so glad because we have been using a long old table for the past few years. Since all of us are already grown up we need a better and comfortable table.

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Secret meeting in golf course

Few of our politicians are involved with sensitive issues. They were accused of having a secret meeting in a golf course area in the other country. At first they were hesitant to say that they were there. They cannot deny the fact because they all have pictures of them in that place with all their golf bags and everything. They confessed that they were there but were just only having fun.

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What the future brings

I came across this number of students in the park. They were having fun. A thought flashed in my mind. I was thinking what life awaits each one of them. It is very exciting to know what and who they become 10 years after. I am sure that all of them will have their own lives. It made me realize that we need to spend quality time with our friends as much as we can because later we may not have the chance to be with them.

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Quality networking

Almost e everything now can be done through our recent discovered technology. Having computer and electronic gadgets are already a must to us. It seems like it is already part of our daily living. We can do everything now in the cyber world. Fire Fold have everything that you need quality computer or networking related products like : HDMI switch.

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Helps you slim

Being slim is becoming the basis to call someone sexy and beautiful. That is why there are a lot of people walking around who are insecure because of the figure they have. They are really trying to do everything they could just to loss weight. Aside from having self discipline with regards to diet and exercise, Leptovox helps you slim. It is also a great mood enhancer.

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Swiss Army

I think one of my hobbies is collecting bags. Sometimes I could not understand myself that I have passion of it. Sometimes I was already out of budget hence if I go shopping, when I get to the luggage section sometimes I could not resist but to buy. At Luggage Source you can shop any brand and styles you want like that of Swiss Army.

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Self actualization

We need to have a job to support ourselves and to provide the needs for our family. Having a job is not only for survival but also it is significant for our self actualization the top need according to Hierarchy of Needs. When you are looking for a job that is right for you admin job search is there for you.

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Online opportunities

T There are many online opportunities and ways to make money by blogging. The following are some of the sites where you can monetize your blog/s through reviews and opinions of the services and products offered.

online opportunities

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