Skywatch aboard a motor boat on South Padre Island as we were watching the 4rt of July 30-minute fireworks show.

The skies on our way back to Louisiana.

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Choosing what medicine works best for you

It’s always good to be a buddy to our body. After all, it is the only one we’ve got. I make it a point to tune in on what my body is trying to tell me. Fatigue simply means I should not overextend myself anymore as my body needs to rest and recharge. Allergies mean my system does not agree with something in my environment or with what I have just ingested. Fever is my body’s way of saying i have some kind of illness or infection brewing inside of me. Understanding our body signals helps us function better. And so, it pays to be sensitive to how our body reacts to outside stimuli, to things we do and to anything we take in especially medicines. As a rule, I am very careful about the medicines I take or give to my family, having grown up with a mom who was concerned about their possible side effects.

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Dr. Chantal Burnison

There are a lot of anti aging medications or procedure to choose from. It is becoming confusing as to what to take or think what it the best. There are a lot of women who are doing their best to fight aging symptoms just like wrinkles. Before having the procedure to remove wrinkles, you need to search and find the best doctors in town just like Dr. Chantal Burnison. For further information about him and her company just visit They have a new natural wrinkle remover called Ethocyn. Who knows it is the best way to get rid of that wrinkles.

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Poor posture solution

Sometimes I am not aware that I already have poor posture. I only realized when I feel some discomfort. It is very important that we have good body mechanics. This will help are muscles not to be tensed as this causes pain.

YOU HAVE POOR POSTURE – SIT SMARTER – slouching may seem comfy, but it tires you. To revive, sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.
Slouching tires your body. It makes you constantly use your muscles rather than your skeleton to hold you up.
SOULTION: To instantly restore your pep, imagine a string pulling you up from the top of your head and aligning your vertebrae. Relax your shoulders, chest and abdomen, and slightly tilt your pelvis forward. Hold yourself this way as often as you can while sitting, driving, and walking. Within about a month this posture should become automatic. Also become more aware of how your body feels throughout the day. For instance, if your back and neck feel tired, notice where you put your feet. Are they wrapped around the legs of your chair? For most people, placing their feet flat on the floor prevents neck and back fatigue. But try different positions until you find what feels best.

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The memory walk for Alzheimer's

A Alzheimer’s disease. What is it and what we can do? Many of us are not aware of Alzheimer’s and the appropriate care, so it is time to take a walk to let everyone know about this progressive and fatal brain disease, the sixth-leading death cause in the US. The Alzheimer's Memory Walk® is the largest association event in the United States to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s and all resources for this most common form of dementia. How we can help? We can volunteer and team up with the Association and take the 2-3 mile Memory Walk, and even be the team captain they need. By participating, we are helping to make life better for the millions of Americans, our loved ones, living with Alzheimer’s through the treatments for symptoms, combined with the right services, care and support, and continued research initiated by the Alzheimer’s association and the funding derived from the walk. I have been observing my father-in-law and he has cognitive problems now and while early we can do proper intervention and support. By participating in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, you can also help other people, like him. Sign up to be a team captain today.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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The benefits of water

Staying healthy is the most important treat we can give to ourselves. The purpose of working is for us to provide for our basic needs and be healthy. Everything will be in vain when are health is failing. That it why we need to learn how to prevent illnesses or health problems. It is a wonderful thing to know that we have access to natural sources that helps us maintain healthy just like water. We need to drink at least 8 glasses for water a day. We need to know the benefits of the water.

The benefits of water are tremendous.Drinking water quenches thirst, aids digestion, cools your body during exercise, flushes out waste and carries essential nutrients to your body's cells.Water also reduces the risk of kidney stones, lubricates joints, improves skin tone, relieves headaaches and curbs appetite.When you're exercising, your body loses a lot of its water.The more you exercise, the more water you need to drink.So, its vitally important to replace the water you've lost while exercising.Start with drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, but add 1-5 extra cups of water for each hour of physical activity, fitness experts say.Personal trainers recommend that you should'nt go more than an hour without drinking a sip of water.Add a slice of lemon or lime to give your water some flavour.

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Time to upgrade your auto AC

My sister owned a vehicle. She used it as a family family transportation vehicle and sometimes used it for hire. One of the problems is that the auto air conditioning of it is not good. It does not have a sufficient cooling air we needed especially for this summer heat. It is now the time of updating her auto ac parts. It feels so great riding under the heat of the sun with cool air. It will not just give us convenience but it also helps us cool down our heads and not be irritated with the heat. When you have an auto ac needs just visit

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Relationship of fibet diet and bowel problems

In the medical field, the mean focus of the health management is prevention. As it is said, "Prevention is better than cure". It is the continuous campaign of Department of Health all over the world. The main problem why people are still having such preventable diseases is that people do not realize the importance of prevention until they already have the disease. Most people continue their bad habits such as smoking until they have difficulty of breathing or already in the advance stage of lung cancer. One of the preventable disease is bowel cancer. Good nutrition play a big important role of preventing it. We need to know the relationship of the dietary fiber and bowel problems.

Dietary fibre is the substance,which makes the waste matter(from the food we eat)pass through us and out of us at a desirable,speedy,natural rate.This is one of the main reasons why it is now considered to be such an important protective factor in saving us from diseases of bowel like cancer.The slow transit rate of fibre-depleted diet is thought to encourage the formation of cancer-forming substances (carcinogens)and other toxins within the body.A high fibre diet would pass through the alimentary canal quickly,giving these carcinogens and toxins very little time to interact in the intestines.The relationship between fibre and constipation is well known.A high fibre diet,thus,relieves a person from constipations and associated problems like haemorrhoids and diverticular disease.

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IT training and certification

I It has always been my personal goal to learn many things even when they are outside of my field of study, for personal advancement and career advantages in the future as there should be no limits in what we should know. Number one in my list are major world languages and equally useful are essential trainings and certifications for different programs that interested me, such as in the IT industry. I really want to advance my level of achievement that is why we are considering to take training programs in order to obtain the respected Cisco certification for the career path we choose from the learning network, and to be able to connect to powerful people and businesses. We are in the modern times when everything is going digital and it is a plus if we know about information technology and I am glad I can have it right from the human network of professionals and organizations, Cisco. Today career opportunities in the IT field are continually growing and taking these Cisco training programs is sure to change our lives and lead our career to a new challenging path, and for me to satisfy myself personally to know that I know what the network people know. It is very related and essential for our personal use and day-to-day businesses and more importantly to be able to communicate in the global stage over the network in an advanced Cisco technology. For me it is really an innovative network and career certification and solution to take.

Sponsored by Cisco

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The six doctors

I was reminded of this thought today:
"The best six doctors anywhere, And no one can deny it,Are sunshine, water, rest, and air,exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend if only you are willing
your mind they'll ease your will they'll mend and charge you not a shilling".
I think they are the be best six doctors we have anytime and everywhere. It costs us nothing it is for free. If we could just tap them, life will be happier. It is not yet too late to enjoy and avail them. It will make our lives better and healthier.Do not forget to make your appointment every day.

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Does Anoretix work?

There are a lot diet pills to choose from. We just don’t know what is the best and effective of them all. Before taking anything to loss weight, we need to carefully check out the components in it to avoid any adverse reaction or effect. One of the effective die pills is Anoretix. You may question this,” does anoretix work?” It does. You try it and see. It is money back guarantee.

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New cat Ashi

T The other day while working on the construction site we heard a cat crying so loud, we wondered if it fell on the big hole on the woods. It was on the evening that day that we went to the shed near the woods looking at the blocks for the garden, and then the cat cried again. I called it, and we found out he is just a kitten, we wondered if he is thrown into the woods or get lost, nonetheless we brought the starved cat in the house and fed him. The cat, whom I call 'Ash-i" being plain gray ash color, and complementing my old missed cat's name, Gishi; he might had lost a home but in the meantime while no one is looking for him, we are adopting the playful companion cat.

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Weight loss procedure

N Not long ago I was told that a close friend who is so fat, laterally, lost good amount of weight through lap-band system. We heard and read so many advertisements about the procedure that knowing it works for our friend was a ‘wow’. We are glad it worked for him and glad for his health now. Will lap-band also works for you? See an experienced lap band physician for a complete journeylite evaluation and you can start from there.

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T The satellite connection is back after two days of being shut off from the world wide web. What is aggravating is that when you call for technical support you will be entertained by non-English speaking persons who sound not to know what they were doing. But there are also experts on phone who can help, if we are lucky. This time we were just not. Glad it's over.

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Credit card online payment

Credit card has great advantage to us but it will give us problems when it is not used properly. Paying for the credit is somewhat a hassle. Merchant Focus is the answer for it. They offer quality credit card processing and payment solutions. They offer online payments through the partnership of It will save your time and money.

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Cheap car insurance

In life there is no security. We do not know what happen the next morning. We do not know when we will get sick. Having insurance is one way of preparing for the future. Just like having a car insurance. It will protect us during financial crisis situations whenever accident might happen in the future. help us about different insurance policies.

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Happy monday

H Howdy everybody? I hope you are as or more fulfilled than what we feel these days, despite some hurdles. Hubby arrived home to which I am thankful for the air transportation security. As usual, me and my mother-in-law picked him up at the airport. It has been awhile since we last ate at her favorite restaurant so maybe next time when we drop hubby to the airport I will give her a treat. It is now routine for her, but it is also quality time.

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Professional skin care

A A couple of months ago hubby and I went to a derma clinic for a consultation. We know the basics but it is always better to hear what the professionals have to say. We got good advices and also the derma-recommended skin care products, that are also available online though iderma. These products range from basic skin care, anti-aging and Mineral Makeup, for healthy and beautiful skin.

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Sky watch over Texas

This is my skywatch photo taken at Texas last year. Nothing can really beat the magnificent and beautiful nature. I have taken these in the very same minute but amazing how the colors changed.

Texas sky watchTexas sky watch

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Restaurant furniture

W We got some nice furniture set for our outdoor fire pit building where we will have open party or meals outside. It really pays to buy things from a reputable company. Contract Furniture Company is selling a huge collection of furniture especially for commercial restaurants. It doe not matter what is your restaurant motif or d├ęcor for they have furniture that will perfectly match the interior design as well as the exterior for pool chairs. What is cheap if the furniture is not of good quality, but at contract furniture, you will get high quality products that are affordable.

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Watching someone

I I indeed was keeping watch of the spray man and he had done a good job. He is getting older perhaps doing his noble job all along; as I was observing him, I was kind of moved. All I could think of is, 'Lord bless this man'.

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Milwaukee catering

W We had been to several places for camps and conventions. As we have to fellowship, we didn’t bother whether the place is accommodating or not. Organizing an event can be burdensome especially when we don’t have the right place to go. When we find a place, we also must consider our guests, their comfort in the place. In Milwaukee there are always a good venue for weddings, corporate events, conventions and any social functions. Davians Banquet & Conference Center catering Milwaukee WI provides the convention venues and food even coffee, as taking care of everything our functions need so we just go ahead with our business.

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Coming home

I It's the fifth Thursday. I am glad that hubby is finally coming home after weeks of work, glad for both of us, for him to relax though I know a great construction job awaits us. Now he is in en-route. God has been so faithful with him in all the years of traveling and I trust He will continue to watch over everyone who fears Him.

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How to increase your car's speed

I It is about lesser mass and faster velocity, and the distance we travel in the least time. We all want to ride fast (safely) but if the vehicle is like crawling, we have to increase its horsepower. To create more power, for your Audi or VW or any model of car you have, what you need to do is to increase the mass of air entering the engine and the fuel that it can burn. This can be done by adding cylinders or making the current ones bigger, and to make it simpler, just add a turbocharger from the pros store. The inventory is wide that we will find the appropriate turbochargers even Volkswagen turbocharger for our cars and for your ride. It does not increase the vehicle weight, but increases your speed instead.

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Watching a pro-game

O Our initial plan to go home for a vacation is postponed, but it is okay. But in place of it, we will be watching a pro football game in Superdome instead, my first! We have tickets already (darn, the price is ridiculous), but they said, it will be worth the excitement and the rush of adrenaline being in the game site.

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Reliable web hosting service

I I am glad I found the best web hosting for my sites. I have no problems with the hosting and they are reliable. I never regretted availing of their service. For big and small businesses alike, it is critical to have the dependable web hosting to maximize income and success because if we experience downtimes we would lose customers with the interrupted service even for just minutes. That is why it is important to review first the best hosting service, to see their features and supports. We will get the best reviews and anything to learn about it from webhosting geeks. This site reviews the best web hosting packages, their ranks and all information necessary for you to know which one is suited for your online business. I gained a lot of information from this site, and you can use it too as web hosting guide in your search for reliable service.

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Reaching the human part

W What is your reaction when you watch a movie and some characters were panicking, shouting and crying out loud? Most of the times when we are also carried away we would want to tape his/her mouth shut so the antagonists wouldn’t be provoked or catch the cast. This is not the case with the newly crowned Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela. It is known that she once had been a kidnapped victim in her country. And when interview about what is interesting about her, I can’t help but appreciate it. “I learned to remain calm in a very stressful situation and to try to reach to the human part of our abductors.”

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In tactical gear

W We have friends who are cops from the father to the daughter. We love to watch them work and see their nice tactical gear. I see that the supplies are affordable now at LA police gear because they got the products at factory price while also serving the military and government. They are offering the most number of tactical clothing available for all people in uniform and everyone. Right now they have a free surefire flashlights and batteries and any other free accessories on top of some purchases that are done very securely over the Internet, so we will get our tactical gear in the least time of free shipping.

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Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko

Aaahhhh! I feel like I'm in the mountaintop today, I would like to shout so loud! It has been a while since I sing. No one's gonna hear, get irritated or stop me anyway :-D singing one of the top hits in the 90's by Neocolor.

Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko
Nagbago man ang hugis ng puso mo
Handa na ‘kong hamunin ang aking mundo
‘Pagkat tuloy pa rin

Tuloy pa rin ako no matter how rough the road I'm passing is. Nosi ba lasi? Let's go on and sing it out! Ang galing ng Pinoy!

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Vistaprint postcard

I I printed some birthday cards and pictures on my own last month, the result is good but I could really see the obvious difference from when the printing is done professionally. My sister is printing her business cards from this place she discovered online that prints personal and marketing cards in full color photos, Vistaprint, just when I wanted to have professional printing done. It’s the best printing and best prices for business cards, checks, rubber stamps, announcements, and all promotional items, notes and stationery and invitations for all occasions. I’m even thinking of printing from them car magnets for my car and postcards to send home to my family and friends, and even for your customers for targeted marketing. All these are customizable so we can use our own photos, choose the size and upload our own design or let them do it for you. They have all options all the way till your product is printed in high quality. They can send it right away to our recipients for us with the mailing services or deliver to our house in as quickly as just three days. Now you can use Vistaprint for all your printing needs too, and see finished product that has never been affordable and clear, and effective for marketing.

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Cutting-edge business card

I It is always amusing to see different and unique products of ideas people come up with, some are plain, some are razor-sharp. All the same, they've got great minds that give them cutting-edge advantage in their business. This one is very creative, and sort-of funny.

cutting edge business card

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Spascape hot tub covers

T spaThe reasons we would use the hot tub are when hubby and I want to unwind, relax and have our muscles hydro-massaged. We use it for recreation and most importantly for cure. There is nothing better than it to relieve body pains while we sip wines and see what we can in the woods through the windows. I thought that is a complete spa experience by itself, but I just found out that we could make it better! I see that we can eliminate that view of the gray tub cover and put a real nice full-view or panoramic view features of the new hot tub covers for a tropical spa scenes like falls view, sunrise, blue Hawaii view, white sand beach, etc. I really love it! We might not recognize it but visualization helps to relax us too, and these scenes are nothing but refreshing, and aesthetic too! Now that is a complete spa experience. I would love to have it for our spa. The covers are interchangeable and easy to install I can do it myself. They are so designed that these covers are durable and waterproof as the spa cover itself; an affordable and beautiful spascape we could ever have.

hot tub covers, spascene photo

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Prom dresses

I I just got a catalog in the mail today and I was browsing the formal dresses section. They’ve got pretty collection there for any occasion. I was thinking of that black tie party we had in Amsterdam where we have to dress up appropriately, of course. Rissy Roos has also short dresses collection all for standard and plus sizes.

This fashion website basically have all kinds of apparels from bridesmaid to the prom dresses. Sometimes looking for and choosing appropriate dresses can be tedious but in this site they have the searching made easy, by designer and category. And of course to match them, got the designer shoes.

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Memory upgrade

W When I will need a bigger memory for my laptop that is where I would go for free just one-day delivery. I found memorable gift ideas online. It is perfect for my siblings; any of the laptop memory, memory upgrade, laptop battery, flash drives and anything about computer memory from memory suppliers online. I like it there for they are one-stop store that has everything we need about these stuff.

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Chemical economy

T The 'bug spay man' called today that he'll be here in the morning. It is good. This time I will have to keep watch 100% as I was really doubtful he did a 100% job last month. Kind of 'when you're not looking, miss there, miss some here' thing, because what normally is done at twenty minutes should not be finished by five minutes and besides, I don't smell the chemicals in some part of the house (was not sniffing but can't help the difference). He must had been in a hurry, but this time I will make him take his time.

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Got to rent a car

I In long distance travels, the advantage is in car rental services. Renting vehicles are always low in prices no matter the distance. How low? They start at $20.99 a day to any location, local or international as advantage car rental stationed in Texas has offices worldwide to pick you up from any airport. Renting online is easy, just enter the duration of the rental, and what type of vehicle and you’ll get a quote. Now it’s summer and they got great rates, deals and promos to save more, including up to a 50% discount on Luxury and Convertible car rentals. How convenient that is.

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Can stress make you fat?

W When we are under too much stress for a period of time, some lose weight aside from losing sleep. But it is true that stress can make some gain kilos? When we are under pressure it is hard to be straight with things. Even with our healthy –eating habits, we find it difficult to maintain. This is where that statement comes in. Some people eat (much) during stressful times to compensate for what’s emotionally troubling them.

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AbsoluteCalm against stress

I I once read an article that say “Stress: when you reach the breaking point”. Stress is not a thing to be taken for granted for, but they are unavoidable. Big and small stressors add up and the effects can be long lasting and problematic to our body and overall health to the extent to what the author says “the breaking point”. They start as small demands that we can deal but sometimes more than we can handle, the pressures are just too much. Family and social pressures in the environment we live in, project deadlines, and presentations in the workplace are the most common stressors.

Do we have to just absorb them? Each of us has our own different reactions and dealing with stress, but the common thing we can do is to be calm amidst the storm of those pressures. It is not impossible for there is AbsoluteCalm, a dietary supplement that works in minutes after taking it. It helps our bodies to calm the body and relax nerves. Isn’t it so good? To have absolute calm before and during presentations, and any other stressing events can now be so easy and relaxing. All the relationship problems, work difficulties and financial woes will not have that negative effects anymore with AbsoluteCalm. It is perfect to get through stress in business and work pressures. See for yourself the stress relief benefits of AbsoluteCalm in production meetings and the very stressing environment you are in.

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Church construction

I I am glad that everything worked out perfectly. We had stopped the construction work for our church in the Philippines for several months and by someone-so-dear-to-me's generosity and big heart we have some resources and can now resume the building again. God works in amazing ways I can never be thankful enough. A living testimony that all things work for our good.

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A look at acne treatments

I I had had my share of pimpled face when I was younger. Glad everything is better now. It is really terrible and annoying to have acne. Indeed there are so many products in the market that claims to heal it. I see this place cybervision that reviews different acne treatment and their possible benefits for your unique individual skin and the quality of the anti-acne products. They have good reviews there.

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How to fall asleep easily

T These last five weeks seemed like to pass so quick but it made my body bit tired from everyday and night activities. So how to fall asleep easily? Browse some algebra books. Allow me! It was hard to believe I could doze off easily with it like that now. Joke:-D I just needed the rest.

See the Top sleeping tips

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Relocation guide

I I myself had moved to a new place. And though it felt different to leave, it is also exciting to go to a new place, a new environment and new perspective all for a fresh start. Whatever may your reasons for relocating be, change of job, school or a new adventure, whatever is the calling, it will not be hard even for big move. Move over your mouse to relocation online to assist you in moving to a new location with information about accommodations to careers in the new place. How convenient this can be? Local or international relocation has never been this guiding.

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Holding on to the prize

contest prize

T These are the kids around our neighborhood at home during their feast celebration. They were heading to a nearby sari-sari store holding on to their money prize they have to divide among themselves. It was my sister who was organizing the games and contests. It was a small amount but it is a big prize for the children, it was enough to see their excitement and happiness.

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Celtic jewelry

I I have gotten some things in the mail that hubby was shopping for me. Now I am waiting for the jewelry to come to add to my collection. Celtic jewelry from realm collection are very nice and fine metals of genuine sterling silver or pewter. Any style is fashionable and will reflect your personality and match your outfit. They also make excellent gift and collectibles for the special ones while accentuating the beauty of the wearer since the era the Celtic jewelry designs represent.

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CEO succession

H “How to Run a Company?” is a book published by Dennis Carey. The title says it all. In business it is important to know the right people and to place them in the right job, and the right people to guide us in top matters. It is critical since the future of your business depends on the people on the top, so it is necessary to have the best officer there. A senior client partner and member of the Chief Executive Officer Practice of the Kornferry Int’l doing global executive search, outsourcing and leadership development around the world, Dennis Carey is specializing in CEO recruitment, corporate directors and governance, and all CEO successions and board services. So if you are looking for an expert on executive and board of directors’ matters, you know the author of The Human Side of M&A, Mergers and acquisitions, who has a doctorate in finance and administration.

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Doe a deer

T Two weeks ago my parents-in-law and I went to the property across the creek to see the flowers blooming there and to check the cloverfield. I drove the four-wheeler (hubby's and my term for it, just ours ;-) with Sis. That was a great day for for all the times I went never had I seen a single deer before that time. We saw a spotted little deer running around when it heard us. I was excited. It was a pretty doe. I know there are several deer grazing in the field but it was the first time I saw any there. Darn, I was not quick enough to take a snapshot! :-D

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July Wildwood events

W Where did June go? My mother-in-law and I just talked this morning about how fast the month flew by. Now it’s July. It’s time for Radio Disney Concert Series at Morey’s Piers that will be in Wildwood! It is summer, time for a good vacation to the state of New Jersey. There are so many things to do in New Jersey and several memorable (check them out) Wildwood events for youth and all of us to mark our calendars to. It is a wonderful time for the whole family to enjoy all the amusements and parks and events unique to Morey’s Mariner’s Landing piers. Accommodation will be taken care of by the renowned Cape May hotels and resorts. A new experience. The highlights? The summer concert with artists performing live, which is Free, (yes it's free!) for everyone to see on July 7th, 14th and 21st with finale on the July 26th. It’s not just all the fun but about the super savings too for the amusement rides. I could picture us there. It will be a great time. All the fun, live concerts and nice hotel are there for us in just one place, Wildwood, the Morey’s pier, which is a good vacation place in the state. I am really interested in the place, and especially staying in Cape May.

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Midlife crisis and couples' age difference

L Last night while I was online I was also listening to eRadio portal at DXFE on the background. I had not listened to it for some time but last night was a very good timing. They are discussing about midlife crisis and married couples' lives. I felt blessed maybe because it hits close to home to me (I'm not in midlife yet :-D ) and because it was a new knowledge heard. Quoting wikipedia:

Midlife crisis is a term used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the "middle years" of life, as a result of sensing the passing of youth and the imminence of old age. Sometimes, transitions experienced in these years, such as aging in general, menopause, the death of parents, or children leaving home, can trigger such a crisis. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day to day life or situation, such as in career, marriage, or romantic relationships.
So in mid-life crisis, how does couples' age difference matter? The guest speaker said that it helps if the couples have considerable age difference, because when one is in mid-life and experiencing a personal crisis, the other is not (so no clashes) and most likely can be a good support for the other. Also when their ages are close, in mid-life the children are in teenage years and will only make it a difficult situation. But of course different individuals different circumstances and experiences and may have the crisis even early or in different form, but what matters is is that when we are in it, there is someone to support or understand us.

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Project management tool

T There should be no limit to learning and knowledge so we must seek resources that can enhance our natural and learned management abilities. It not just for our own personal advancement and benefits, but most importantly it is for us to be competitive in this modern world stay ahead of others. I had had managed a project before and this project management tool of Pelotonics is a very big help in making things easier and faster so there will me more job done in lesser time compared with not using any tools for group collaboration solutions. How does this software works? A good organization, better collaboration and the success of a project with our team are what this can do for us. Everyone will be kept on track and see the same goals and day-to-day achievements we are targeting for overall success. Everyone will be involved and that’s better teamwork, and guaranteed project success.

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Biking apparel and accessories

M Many people take pride in their bikes and the recreation it gives them. Are you in too? I know some people who love riding and show the fun they obviously have with their motorcycles and accessories. They look cute when they’re also in convoy and wearing clothes matching the bikes. Of course we deserve the best we can afford. Complete your riding paraphernalia by having Harley Davidson apparel from a superstore in Portland selling all biking supplies online such as boots, gloves, helmets (very important!), hats, and even t-shirts among everything you can aspire for in terms of biking needs. It’s not just clothing, Harley parts and accessories, but you can buy the motorcycles too. When you have the apparel, everything else works together to give an impression of how a biker you are. But of course, it is not just about the fun, but also the satisfaction you get from it, and most importantly, on how careful you are in riding and choosing the right thing. Harley Davidson apparel.

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Shop building

T The oak and other trees had been cut, there is no stopping now. Can you see me? Hubby let me stood there just to compare the size. I looked so small there, but that is how big the equipment shop be that will be built these months. I just want it finished so we could take a vacation home. So excited for that.

Shop building site

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What’s on Fox about Zenni?

prescription eyeglassesThey are becoming popular now, and why not, they sell prescription eyeglasses from just $8 online. Is it a deal or dud? Check out Zenni on Fox and learn more about that offers prescription eyeglasses and frames for a low prize, and see how this online optical works that makes it a good option.

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Day out get-together

H Howdy? I was out yesterday with some of my Bisaya Filipina friends. Talking about eating plenty of foods we missed at home, all women in mixed-marriages, and speaking the same language, it was so funnily noisy, talk there and talk here. Of course we deal with different culture but that time it was common to us all. But it was just not eating and shopping day, even just by sharing stories that we can laugh at even the sensitive subjects helps. After all, we are all married women, we talk about those too, hehe. It was an unforgettable day for me, as we went bringing home some food, vegetables and plants for my garden :-D.

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Pet Social Network

H Having pets are beneficial to our health. They relieve our stress and even make good companions alone or not. For pet lovers out there, there is a very good online community dedicated to help every pet owners learn more about pets and to help them, sharing pet care tips with this "Pet Social Network". Every service about pets, from food and supply, to news and videos, is found in the online community. The network does not only help pets and pet owners but they also help pet shelters and rescue groups for those homeless and abused animals every year from their promotions. You can share your experience there with your pets and also get answers from other owners’ experiences about caring animals, and maybe you can join or start your own pet group too, for good cause, just like Zootoo’s.
zootoo pet social network

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Thief in daylight

T There is a 'proverb' that says "it is better to have a witch neighbor than a thief" for the witches were said to pass their neighbors and do business elsewhere, but there is no respect of men for thieves, even to those old good people next doors. Today I just found out that it happened to my aunt-in-law, in broad daylight. Sometimes we just don't feel safe anymore. It is just sad to see how drugs can destroy the people's minds and lives. We just have to be watchful.

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$8 Variable frames

variable framesMy sister just got a new pair of eyeglasses with pretty frames, a good set for its price. Variable Dimension Frames for eyeglasses start from as low as $8 online at They are affordable, stylish, variable and modern looking frames, a fashionable caring and protection for our eyes.

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Surrogate mother cat

I It is very ‘thoughtful’ of the mother tabby cat to adopt the neglected red panda in Netherlands. The mother panda has gone AWOL and left the two cubs that were born last June 30. One died already, but the other panda cub will need to suckle for about two weeks from its surrogate mother cat. The red pandas are endangered species; hope this cub will survive.

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Stem cells in menstrual blood

T There has been controversy about stem cell research today, and some guess it is kind of “all is well that ends well”. But it is a fact that nature heals itself, and our bodies are equipped with cells that replenish it and self-heal. But because with our lifestyle this age, our bodies are prone to diseases that are not popular or existent before and with intensity more than our body can handle naturally. As the quest for knowledge and new discoveries using the modern technology we have today are unending, researchers could say from their studies that vital cells which could treat major and killer diseases that many of our citizens today are suffering, may be found right in the women’s menstrual blood, a perfect demonstration of our bodies’ process of self-cleaning. This finding is part of the ongoing research of C’elle, which use non-invasive collection process of the vital stem cells in blood. See the article on CNNMoney. Every single part and element in our body does a part, and there are still many vital cells need to be discovered in an allowable manner, yet another answer to some mysteries of this life we call a miracle. Read below the press release to see more of how can C’elle may be of benefit to your future health.

Celle research for stem cell in menstrual blood

stem cell study
 Celle research

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WW: Third party

tire tracks

C Can you see the tire tracks? I was going that way to pick some wild flowers when I noticed the tire tracks. Somebody was recently inside the property, was just curious, all the more because I just found out what happened to this:

So I kind of connect-the-dot. But later I found out it was my father-in-law's four-wheeler tracks :-D. But the flower that I did not touch (respecting it as the biggest sunflower in the field) might have been pulled and eaten by birds and the deer; well that's fine, we sowed the seeds for them anyway :-D

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Stylish new frames

W optical framesWe purchased new glasses and I really liked it. They have beautiful frames that are fashionable and comfortable to wear. And so with the stylish prescription eyeglasses sold online at The eyeglasses and frame styles are modern, and they are also affordable, cheaper than the others because they start at $8.

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The flower's name

J Just some stalks of flowers that grew near the creek. They are so beautiful. My in-laws got a bucketful too. We all agree that they are some cute and very pretty living thing that don't wither easily. I have them in this vase for several days and they just stayed bold and beautiful.

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Portable GPS

P Portable GPS are not expensive. They are affordable at All of us want to be advanced and ready on the go. And though we can still use paper maps and printouts (save the trees!) for our directions, all the advantage is in using the real time satellite tracking and map data through GPS that also comes with bluetooth, MP3 players, voice command, LCD touch screen and preloaded maps; all is there and be assured that we will never be lost again in wherever you turn with this reliable guide.

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Hilton Head Island vacation

I It’s been a year this month now since our last vacation. I am so looking forward for our next. And nothing is better than a break to a place we and can call ‘home’. Hilton Head rentals provide just that convenience, vacation rental homes at the beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Facing the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by lush beauty of nature, it will be a perfect getaway this summer and for our every vacation. It is good for health, the ocean breeze, the relaxation of our minds and bodies as we take on the pleasure in this lovely island.

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Sunflower field

T Twelve weeks ago I had this picture of our crops planted for the deer which hubby will hunt for the future. It was so dry then the seeds seemed not to survive the heat and little draught, but “God causes all things to grow” and this is what has become of one type of the seeds:

harvesting sunflower
So gratifying! This is my friend holding the sunflowers she picked on the plot. Isn’t it (and she, :-D) lovely? I brought her there in the four-wheeler to the property and she brought the flowers home with her. See article for sunflower facts and cultivation.

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Blog advertising

T There are many things I learned in blog advertising. Who would have thought that the Internet would get us this far? Few years ago no such things exist and now it has become one of the most important part of any business, as almost every shopper and would-be client go online to check products and services. It is very beneficial then to advertisers’ companies and of course to bloggers who review their branding and services. This is one of the good things that the Internet explosion brought us. Through it I met many friends and new acquaintances from all over the world with similar interests. And on the process we learn new things from different fields or areas of trade as we also earn along the way each day. I heard about this blog advertising long ago through friends’ blogs and websites. It’s so good to earn right from home in the comfort of our own computer room. And because of this blog advertising I was able to help people and give them things I could not have done without this. If you search around, you will see legions of bloggers’ testimonies of how they earn great from blogging about the things they love, and if you’d want to try payperpost, sign up now.

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Mowing grass

windows xp, mow, funny

H Happy 4rt! It is a beautiful day outside, and yes, so hot. The other day was a very good morning, everything was fresh and with enthusiasm as I went out to cut the grass. I’ll be! With just one round I got stuck on the ditch! I was glad that I spared my father-in-law from what might have been him and me pushing the tractor out, because for all the relief in the world, I managed to get the machine out of the hole, whew :-D.

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Missionary visit

M More than a week ago our missionary from home Philippines came to the house here to visit us and see our place. It was very an unforgettable time for me. It’s the first time somebody from home came here, aside from my Pinay friends. I am so thankful, and to hubby for his support even though he is not home, and for my in-laws for their kindness to my guest.

grateful, scrapSee here for credits.

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Gonnabe – jobs in the entertainment industry

T Talents are nurtured and developed and while can be done at any stage, there is nothing better than training up a child. Do your kids come with a gift and or talents that need to be properly trained? I recently discover a place where you will have a chance to build your child’s career, even yours, in the entertainment media as young actors, actresses, singers, dancers or models; it’s in the name: Gonnabe, a membership-based production company. If you got what it takes into arts and entertainment, Gonnabe is the stepping-stone to build a name, and you don’t have to know a name in order to get inside and explore the possibilities, instead you will build from there connections and contacts, and important exposures to the right people. You can post your resume and search for jobs at Gonnabe and get a professional training classes in music, acting and other trade lessons. It sure feels good to be seen and earn on TV and farther by our talents, right. It’s the chance to fame.

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