The benefits of water

Staying healthy is the most important treat we can give to ourselves. The purpose of working is for us to provide for our basic needs and be healthy. Everything will be in vain when are health is failing. That it why we need to learn how to prevent illnesses or health problems. It is a wonderful thing to know that we have access to natural sources that helps us maintain healthy just like water. We need to drink at least 8 glasses for water a day. We need to know the benefits of the water.

The benefits of water are tremendous.Drinking water quenches thirst, aids digestion, cools your body during exercise, flushes out waste and carries essential nutrients to your body's cells.Water also reduces the risk of kidney stones, lubricates joints, improves skin tone, relieves headaaches and curbs appetite.When you're exercising, your body loses a lot of its water.The more you exercise, the more water you need to drink.So, its vitally important to replace the water you've lost while exercising.Start with drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, but add 1-5 extra cups of water for each hour of physical activity, fitness experts say.Personal trainers recommend that you should'nt go more than an hour without drinking a sip of water.Add a slice of lemon or lime to give your water some flavour.

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