July Wildwood events

W Where did June go? My mother-in-law and I just talked this morning about how fast the month flew by. Now it’s July. It’s time for Radio Disney Concert Series at Morey’s Piers that will be in Wildwood! It is summer, time for a good vacation to the state of New Jersey. There are so many things to do in New Jersey and several memorable (check them out) Wildwood events for youth and all of us to mark our calendars to. It is a wonderful time for the whole family to enjoy all the amusements and parks and events unique to Morey’s Mariner’s Landing piers. Accommodation will be taken care of by the renowned Cape May hotels and resorts. A new experience. The highlights? The summer concert with artists performing live, which is Free, (yes it's free!) for everyone to see on July 7th, 14th and 21st with finale on the July 26th. It’s not just all the fun but about the super savings too for the amusement rides. I could picture us there. It will be a great time. All the fun, live concerts and nice hotel are there for us in just one place, Wildwood, the Morey’s pier, which is a good vacation place in the state. I am really interested in the place, and especially staying in Cape May.

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