The memory walk for Alzheimer's

A Alzheimer’s disease. What is it and what we can do? Many of us are not aware of Alzheimer’s and the appropriate care, so it is time to take a walk to let everyone know about this progressive and fatal brain disease, the sixth-leading death cause in the US. The Alzheimer's Memory Walk® is the largest association event in the United States to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s and all resources for this most common form of dementia. How we can help? We can volunteer and team up with the Association and take the 2-3 mile Memory Walk, and even be the team captain they need. By participating, we are helping to make life better for the millions of Americans, our loved ones, living with Alzheimer’s through the treatments for symptoms, combined with the right services, care and support, and continued research initiated by the Alzheimer’s association and the funding derived from the walk. I have been observing my father-in-law and he has cognitive problems now and while early we can do proper intervention and support. By participating in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, you can also help other people, like him. Sign up to be a team captain today.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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