Poor posture solution

Sometimes I am not aware that I already have poor posture. I only realized when I feel some discomfort. It is very important that we have good body mechanics. This will help are muscles not to be tensed as this causes pain.

YOU HAVE POOR POSTURE – SIT SMARTER – slouching may seem comfy, but it tires you. To revive, sit straight with your feet flat on the floor.
Slouching tires your body. It makes you constantly use your muscles rather than your skeleton to hold you up.
SOULTION: To instantly restore your pep, imagine a string pulling you up from the top of your head and aligning your vertebrae. Relax your shoulders, chest and abdomen, and slightly tilt your pelvis forward. Hold yourself this way as often as you can while sitting, driving, and walking. Within about a month this posture should become automatic. Also become more aware of how your body feels throughout the day. For instance, if your back and neck feel tired, notice where you put your feet. Are they wrapped around the legs of your chair? For most people, placing their feet flat on the floor prevents neck and back fatigue. But try different positions until you find what feels best.

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