Stem cells in menstrual blood

T There has been controversy about stem cell research today, and some guess it is kind of “all is well that ends well”. But it is a fact that nature heals itself, and our bodies are equipped with cells that replenish it and self-heal. But because with our lifestyle this age, our bodies are prone to diseases that are not popular or existent before and with intensity more than our body can handle naturally. As the quest for knowledge and new discoveries using the modern technology we have today are unending, researchers could say from their studies that vital cells which could treat major and killer diseases that many of our citizens today are suffering, may be found right in the women’s menstrual blood, a perfect demonstration of our bodies’ process of self-cleaning. This finding is part of the ongoing research of C’elle, which use non-invasive collection process of the vital stem cells in blood. See the article on CNNMoney. Every single part and element in our body does a part, and there are still many vital cells need to be discovered in an allowable manner, yet another answer to some mysteries of this life we call a miracle. Read below the press release to see more of how can C’elle may be of benefit to your future health.

Celle research for stem cell in menstrual blood

stem cell study
 Celle research

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