Absolutely fabulous feet

Our feet deserve to be pampered for they are the ones doing the heavy and hard work everyday. Wherever we go they carry the weight of our body. That is why sometimes I pamper them by having a foot spa or massage and of course, regular extra care of them.
A regular pedicure keeps foot troubles at bay. For absolutely fabulous feet, try the following:

a) Remove old nail polish and trim toenails properly.
b) Soak feet (approx 10 mins) in a basin of warm water - add a few drops of essential oils e.g. peppermint for cooling, chamomile for softening, lavender for healing. Note: essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women.
c) Rub a foot exfoliating cream over entire feet, then rinse.
d) Dry feet thoroughly. Use cuticle cream and orange stick to gently push back cuticles.
e) Massage moisturing cream all over your feet, using circular motions.
f) Clean the nail bed thoroughly before applying a clear base coat, and your choice of colour.

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