Cuddling in the cabin

W What I am so excited about these days is that we will be going home to the orient in the coming months for a vacation. It will be thousands of miles flight. And there will be a lot of traveling around Asia then. One thing with me is that it is hard to rest or sleep during flights, how much more now that airlines do not provide pillows and blankets anymore, for business class and economy; imagine that. But I do not really want to bring any pillows or blankets with me just for that purpose either, adding to my baggage and travel discomfort, especially long distances. So how are we going to make it? I am no steel and in fact I get cold so easily even at home. So we will have with us the comforting Cabin Cuddler set of inflatable pillow and warm blanket with pockets to keep our feet warm. It is really handy and perfect for flights and even in the office where we have no control of the bone-chilling temperature. This really makes me dress the way I want and not worry over the cold because Cabin_cuddler I have the cabin cuddler for warmth and comfort. How can airlines stop providing these comfort, but it does not matter so much as this cabin cuddler is much more comfortable and handy in cold cabins. So if you want to get warm in your offices and during flights, the name is cabin cuddler.
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