How to have perfect teeth for children

I saw a documentary show the other night. I was so surprised that there is one community in the Philippines 90% if their population have missing teeth. The people there are happy and smiling as if there they have no dental problem. It was very alarming. The Department of Health said that there is a lack of calcium intake with the residents there. Children in the remote areas have problems with cavities. Pregnant mothers should be educated on how their children have perfect teeth. It begins in the beginning of life in the womb.
A new book by two doctors has documented 36 years of research for a preventive treatment for expectant mothers that will guarantee perfect teeth for their unborn children. At three months pregnant, mother-to-be should start 4.4 mgs of sodium fluoride daily on an empty stomach, and not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes following. At delivery, start the infant on .7 mgs. of sodium fluoride daily with an increasing dosage to adulthood. For more information, the book is "How to Have Children with Perfect Teeth" by Frances B. Glenn, D.D.S. and William Darby Glenn III, M.D., publisher, 1stbooks, 2000; Web site: The book is available at bookstores or may be ordered on the Web.

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