Make drinking 8 glasses of water a day a habit

Water is very important in our body. 60-80% of our body is composed of water. Some doctors say that water is the best in all diseases. Increasing water intake will help flash the toxins out of the body.
Health experts tell us to drink lots of water but that's not always easy to do. We have lives that keep us busy and often out of range of a drinking fountain or cold water. Try putting eight-ounce bottles of water in your freezer. Don't fill to the top as you want to allow room for ice to thaw. Grab a frozen bottle of water as you leave your house in the morning and keep it in your car. When you get back to the car, chances are it will be nicely thawed and cold to drink. Another idea is to wrap it in a towel and carry it in your briefcase or handbag. Take it with you to the office or wherever you go. You can refill the bottles and always keep some frozen in your freezer, ready to go.

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