The vista advantage experience

O Out with the old and in with the new. The operating system that comes with my laptop is Windows Vista. I like using vista with its sleek and nice design and beauty, and I will not change OS as I am getting used to it and loving the overall experience with vista, a more high-tech experience with the system. There are so many new features and advantage over the old system, For me what makes windows vista attractive, among its other great capabilities are the cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing graphic interface than those of previous Windows, DVD creation tool and other multimedia advantage, including live icons, live thumbnails, animations and new transparencies, and everything else that it is called “complete feature”. Name what feature you want in the operating system and windows vista has it. And most importantly, the level of security and improvements greatly increased with the new system. And that is what we need. My experience with it was great with the look and feel of the interface, and faster performance than the old one with the advance technology vista is designed with and designed for. For businesses I really think windows vista will be an advantage as they have this Windows Vista Small Business Assurance and most of all the responsive customer service team for all its costumers.
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