20 ways to save money

I think we really need to do some things to save our money so that we will be able to manage our finances wisely, especially now everything is so expensive. The key to saving is to spend less than you earn. For this, we need a budget. When we know exactly how much money we have and where it should go, we’re much more likely to achieve our goal. I found it very helpful.

1.) Make a grocery list and follow it. Just go straight for those necessities and not allowing yourself to be diverted.
2.) It is wise not to shop on an empty stomach to avoid impulse buying.
3.) Set aside a percentage of your monthly income as savings. Whether it’s five or ten percent doesn’t matter. What’s most important is that it’s an amount that with only minimum discomfort you can do without.
4.) Open a separate savings account. If you mix your savings with our other monies, you’ll almost certainly touch your savings and be unable to put them back.
5.) Store unexpected earnings.
6.) Bank that loose change in a piggybank.
7.) Pay back your withdrawals.
8.) Make withdrawals from your bank’s ATM.
9.) Return rented videos on time.
10.) Make long- distance calls during non-peak hours.

11.) Pay your amortizations on time.
12.) Make do with basic telephone service.
13.) Make do without cable television.
14.) Buy classic dresses, which never go out of style.
15.) Cut back on expensive dinners out.
16.) Befriend the shoe repairman.
17.) Hold back on those credit cards.
18.) Do it yourself.
19.) Pamper yourself.
20.) Personalized it.

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