After hurricane

I I am not afraid to die; (are you?) I know where I am going. But the little voice of my human nature said "not yet", not in this circumstance, not in this land. For I know that natural disasters may claim lives and damage homes. But as I told my sister, "as long as the ground, the house, and oh, don't forget the roof, remain attached, everything will be fine. Other than that, I was excited for the hurricane; that kind of excitement when you are ready for something, if you know what I mean, despite the factor of the unknown.

hurricane gustavBut hurricane Gustav had passed, and thanks to God there were no considerable damage, well we had just one tree that was uprooted, and one pine bending the small pit fence. We were out of electricity since Monday night, and also water and telephone service. I was living in the backward life using traditional lights and self entertaining. But living in the dark I was able to do things that is helpful for me, and with that I am grateful. It was priceless. We just got the electricity back tonight and it is a very great relief after four day shut down. Everything is back to normal now, hope we will be Ike-spared. Oh no.

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