Back to basics Foodwise

As our economy is getting worse, we should do the best we can in order to save money and do not throw out things that can still be used. Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world especially to the third world countries. Food is the basics for us to survive. That is why we need to be wise.

Factors to consider when deciding which food to buy, and how to prepare it, and eat it:

Where possible, reasonable, feasible and sensible, eat food as close to its natural state as possible. For example:
• 'Picked five minutes ago' is better than picked hours ago, which is better than picked today and much better than picked last week.
• Raw is better than cooked, especially better than over-cooked.
• Generally, fresh is better than frozen which is better than tinned.
• Frozen last week is better than frozen six months ago.
• Produced locally is better than imported from around the world.
• Grown organically is better than grown using pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.
• And try and eat as wide a range of fresh food as possible.

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September 4, 2008 at 2:49 AM

Thanks, This is one of very few blogs that was worth the read, a great insight, you should be commended for your time and effort.