The best Amusement Park in New Jersey

We belong to a large family. We grew up together through the good times and the bad times. But now we are not intact anymore. Some of the family members are already married and have their own families. My sister is working abroad so it is so seldom we can be together now. As I can remember, one of the great memories we had was our family beach vacation at Morey’s Piers. It was like heaven for us. We really had a wonderful time especially in the amusement rides which is on of Wildwood attractions. It was a perfect place to be to have fun and excitement. The water parks were my favourite. It was so amazing. We had fun with their weekly special offers. They have different exciting events everyday. We had a great time at the hotel where we had our accommodation. Everything was perfect. Those were the days where we just wanted to stay there forever.
My sister is coming from Dubai this October so we already planned to have our reunion at Morey’s Piers. We are all excited and can’t wait to have all the fun again. We will cherish our memories there for the rest of our lives. They are the best.

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