Healthy vs. Happy

For me being healthy is being happy and being happy is being healthy. They walk hand in hand. Happiness makes someone feel better. As what the bible is saying that "laughter is the best medicine". So even you are healthy and not happy sooner or later you will not feel well.

It's easy to understand why you might think healthy people are happier than sick ones. But that's not true, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

The article details a study published in The Journal of Experimental Psychology where scientists provided a group of seriously ill participants with electronic devices for recording their moods throughout the day. A group of healthy volunteers used the same devices. When the results from both groups were compared, the levels of happiness were roughly the same, the article says.

"For most of us, it would take a lot more than we think to make us permanently miserable," the researchers say in the article.

Understanding how people adapt to poor health could help medical professionals make better decisions, the article notes.

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