Make worries work for you

I was reading a health journal one day while I was waiting for my turn in an office. I was blessed with. I think it made a lot of sense. When I read it seemed like it is really for me because during that time I was in my low moments and kind of worry of many things. I hope you it make also make sense to you and you can apply it in your day to day living just like I do.

Can’t stop fretting? May be you need to look at your concerns in a different light. Worrying during these uncertain times may be the best thing you can do. That’s because sometimes apprehension spurs you to excel. Next time you find yourself wallowing in your worries, follow these steps. You’ll be surprised at what you accomplish.

LIST YOUR CONCERNS – ask yourself what you’re worried about and write those worries down on paper. For example, do you fear being laid off? Do you agonize about a terrorist attack?

CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN – plan a realistic course of action and put in to play. To allay fears of losing your job, try for a promotion. Or take on an extra project to make yourself more valuable to your employer. For concerns you can’t control, plan a productive activities to distract yourself. For example, don’t dwell on the media coverage of terrorism; instead, resolve to get fit by walking during the hour when you typically watch the news.

TACK STOCK – stop for a moment and acknowledge your accomplishments. Are you performing better at work? Are you more fit? Congratulate yourself even for small achievements like a compliment from your supervisor or a few dropped pounds.

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