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gusty winds

W While "waiting" for the hurricane Gustav days before it was supposed to make a landfall, I was all out watching The Weather Channel for updates, for nothing is better than knowledge and first hand information in times like these natural disasters than from direct from the experts. It was actually no Lifetime movies for me; (why men don't like that channel? I wonder :-D). Anyway, I am grateful for the information which are helpful than hearing gossips and false information from folks. I watched it actually until we lost electricity and that was when Gustav already hit southern Louisiana. It was really so much better seeing the actual events, but what was striking for me was those meteorologists reporting on sites, still reporting even when it means they would almost be blown by gusty winds, even when it means their upper bodies would be positioned horizontally, legs standing feet apart. Theirs is a noble public service job, appreciated and prayed for for their safety, and ours.

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