Spice your food right, get healthier

In terms choosing food to, I am the picky one. There are food that do not suit my taste. But even though I do not like some of those, I need to make it sure I eat them. I just have to add something to it to make it tastier. I sometimes add herbs in them.

The cooking herbs help fight the freed radicals that age you.
You can improve the taste and up the nutritional content of your meals by adding herbs and spices. Excellent choices for your main dishes are basil, cayenne, oregano, rosemary and sage. In desserts, try cinnamon, and ginger.

These standouts contain antioxidant compounds called polyphenols, and researchers says that adding polyphenol- rich herbs and spices to your daily meals can help reduce the cell damage that both ages you and increases your risk of cancer and heart diseases. Both fresh and dried herbs and spices offer the benefits of polyphenols. Be sure to store the dried form in sealed jars in a cool, dark place to maintain the nutritional content. Long- term exposure to heat, light, and air diminishes their antioxidant power as well as their flavour.

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