Bald and beautiful billboard


DDo you like tattoos? I am not into it so much, but in my trip to New Orleans this week I met someone who has tattoos everywhere his body. What caught my eye was that he has my country name in one of the sets. It was really cute. He certainly had a life-changing journey enough to mark his body with it. How about tattoos for billboards? It is the first time I heard about it, and hey, it can be very effective, and full of fun. In today’s turmoil and issues, we need a break and a breath of fresh air. Need change? Go to the exotic New Zealand for a life-changing journey. Spend time in nature’s paradise and start again afresh in life, renewed. I really need it now. If you are bald or planning to shave off your hair, you will certainly enjoy the marketing campaign of Air New Zealand at Thirty adults will be shaved and tattooed to serve as cranial billboards for the airline in this campaign with office in the US located at Los Angeles. Don’t worry; the tattoos can be removed in two weeks. The winners will get round trip airline tickets for a life-changing journey to New Zealand and the transformation the beautiful country offers.


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