Finding true love

finding love

D Do you believe in a soul mate? I believe, even when I was too young, and I believed that someday in the unexpected perfect time he will come like a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of one’s broken heart, hmmm. Whatever you call it, each of us, either in secret or admittedly, has that longing of having someone to love us unconditionally and to be loved by us wholeheartedly. To have someone to love and to share our dreams and aspirations together in the blessedness of the intimate secure relationship. Mr. Right and Miss Right are so precious that we sometimes have to encounter the Wrongs before them so that we will be more refined when they come. They are so precious that they don’t come to us or be found by us, easily, or whatever destiny determines who will find each other.

The amazing thing is, well, all things are amazing when we are in love, the amazing thing is that out of all the people in the world, we will find him/her with no respect of country, government, distance and time. It is just that sometimes Mr. Cupid is being playful. When we can’t find our soul mates here, they must be there in a far away land. Many have found their partners this way. Now with the medium of the World Wide Web, the great love search gets help through dating websites. Many have been successful.

One such website is It is true that almost all of us are looking for the special someone, but many websites require payment possibly to find the right one. At one can sign up for free and search for free. The search should be free. I know many people who find love through this. If he is the real soul mate, he will be sent to you even when you are not paying anyway. Browse through the site and see how you would feel finding your true love there. Who knows, only the Author of Love. And He knows our hearts’ desire.

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October 15, 2008 at 11:26 PM

well i used to believe in love but now i don't cause there is nothing like that .... girls want only money they don't have any feelings for a person. But in some cases its different. anyhow thanks for this post.


October 16, 2008 at 8:25 AM

That’s so bad for you, complaints. I pity you. You must have had a terrible experience from the past that makes you think that. And it is true that there are worldly women out there, even going to the extent of bearing you children without love. But you know so well that not all people are the same, of course in some cases it is different. Who took advantage of you from the past is not the same today. If you don’t believe in love you can’t find one because your heart is already closed. Why you say she is after of money? Do you act as if you love your money more than the person? In seconds money could be gone, all out of our control no matter how vigilant you are in guarding your money even when it is safe. But some people who love money more take advantage of the (free) services or labor a partner can do. All is fair in love and if we love the person, we should be fair to them, don't you think? The man is supposed to support the woman especially when she is just starting, as she has her own needs, that is what pin money is for, but it does not mean she is after of money, and it does not mean she has no feelings for you, she might have given up everything just to be with you. Please be more sensitive to her. As for me, I could not bring it to the grave, what's important is the importance the person is giving you above anything else, the feeling of emotional security, and nothing else matters then.

And as a side note, you may want to change your name to "appreciation". We should not complain so much, especially to other people. For we still have to find a person who does not put forth greater effort and better work under the spirit of appreciation and approval. Right? As for me, I still believe in love, in an unconditional, unselfish love. There is still a thing like that. Anyhow, thanks for sharing complaints.