H Happy Friday, howdy? As for me, I am satisfied. I finally played Hamagyeon with my flute. It was just easy and a short piece. I kept playing it, and if hubby is bored hearing me play it again and again, he does not say yet. :-D Sometimes I am impatient I take shortcuts but it pays to play it the right way. I am so happy. But there is also one piece that I am dying to play in my flute that I could not find anywhere. When I go home I will make my sister play the piece on her piano. I think it would be great. I don't know. I am into music these days. I just feel like I need to express something through it. When I was talking with maam, it was one of our musings, gathering together, story-telling, and singing songs. Perhaps, I just miss it.

Haemangyeon is one of the soundtrack of the Korean series Dae Jang Geum, sung by an Italian, Alessandro Safina. The lyrics:

Icy shades of blue
I’ve been true to you
Shaped my world on “soon”
Prayed to ghostly moons

Deep and dark it preys
Bleak and stark, in greys
Love’s a shark at bay
Til your heart’s betrayed

Oh, the curse of men and war
My hero’s cry is empty, forlorn
(But) in the silence I conceed (sic)
My heart can’t flee
This hopeless dream must be or vanish
Foolish love

Once you promised distant shore
And oe’r the waves you’d lift me once more
Now my pain brings no reward
Your fate’s bound and sworn

From afar I wish you near
And with each breath, I tremble with fear
For in spite of how I bleed
My heart can’t flee
This hopeless dream must be or vanish
Foolish love

[End segment (sic)]
My heart can’t flee
This foolish love

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