Movie extras call

W We had our own dramas, interviews, shows, composed our own songs, and our own little movies in our childhood plays with neighborhood children. But this time folks there is no need for pretension or wishful thinking for we could really be a star, at least a movie and TV show extra for now. Everything we see in the movie backgrounds are all extras to make the scenes more realistic, depicting the natural day-to-day life. Being an extra is very exciting and kind of mysterious to me. Wish we could see ourselves in those shows and movies? It is equally exciting as getting paid between $100 and $300 a day, don’t you agree? If you want to be seen in the big screen and be one with the people they call stars let me tell you that Talent6 community has a casting call for aspiring extras, models and actors aged 18 to 85 across the USA, for movie extras in Films and TV shows. All we have to do right now is make a phone call to their toll free number (800-493-9047) and talk to a portfolio manager to set up our photos and video portfolio. It could be the beginning of something big for us, to live our dreams.

extra casting call

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