Where to upload your sports videos

W We love sports, but when I came here, I realized people love sports more than we do to the extent that they would crawl, wound and sometimes hurt themselves while playing. It is rough but I guess that is how one should play. The rougher the training, the more result is expected. There was one sports video clip I saw about someone doing an amazing jump doing the play. It was almost unbelievable that it seemed not true, but it happened. Watching sports in tv or in cable, we would often focus on the highlights and the interesting moments that made big difference to the game. Do you have sports highlights or something unique in sports you play or coach? That would be very interesting. You can show it off, upload and share and present your sports pride online SportsVids, where you will also find sports highlights clips after becoming a member. Sign up from here http://www.sportsvids.com/index.php?contest=TWpZeQ== to create your own account in order to start uploading your own sports videos, get comments and comment on other sports highlights. I found this site is a very good source and portal of sports videos from different sports fields and you can search easily through thousands of them by using sports keywords and tags.

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