Kmart holiday deals

T The CBS Early Show talked about Kmart deals; did you know that? It is one of the big deals this holiday that we should not miss. Why? Because the deals fit our budget for whatever gifts you have in your list. For our ladies, especiallly our mothers, how about the 1/4ct tw Diamond 5-Stone Journey Pendant and Earrings Set in 10K Yellow Gold with Extra 10% off online only (search ID# 89270115)? That is a lot of savings. And so is this deal of Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream bedding collection – where we can save an extra 30% online only (search ID# 96096112). It is perfect for our own house, for fresh new look in the new year. The amazing sale price is shown not in the product page but in the cart. So grab yours now to be ahead of others. Through December till the 26th Kmart will also be offering additional 10% discount (online only) for apparels for all categories as well as beddings. And don’t forget the secret coupon code for some more savings that you can find from the hidden ornaments throughout the store. Everything is in great price avail these deals from kmart. This is smart shopping, a lot of saving on real good products, but hurry, the online discount is only through November 26th.
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Cold war almost over

I I am so glad that I feel much better today than yesterday. My colds are receding and everything is getting back to normal. That one shot of nasal decongestant that has long expired that I guessed exceeded its grace period, helped. At least.

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Right weight

T Today body weights came to our small talk. Both of us really need good exercise and proper diet, for our well being and good heart and good overall health. And I mean real action, not just making the exercise equipments to rust. Just for the sake of it I was looking into diet pill reviews by sybervision to see what is the trend and what the people who really tried the pills say about which tablets. It is informative. If you are considering taking weight loss pills, it helps to be informed.

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Third cat?

T Tonight mdh found a cat outside the house, by the door. He carried it and showed me by the bedroom door the cat he found. I was surprised and maybe little scared upon the first sight. The first thing I noticed, despite the dark was that it was a skinny kitten. Obviously starving. He/she has a thin long tail, not like my other two cats' fat tails. Forgive me, but maybe because of that that I was a bit partial to it. Well, it's my way with cats. I remember one time the cat lady didn't grant me the cat for 'adoption' because I would not hold it. These creatures! So he fed the poor starving cat with my late cats' food. I will see the kitten if he is still there in the morning, hope waiting.

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Land of Nod coupon code

I In a time when economy is weak, and also especially when our own pockets are loose, it is very important to limit spending or to save money from spending. One way to do it, which I have taken advantage of is by availing Land of Nod coupon code for my online shopping of children’s stuff and furniture as gifts for this holiday season. We would avail really great discounts with the offer code and especially they are sold for free shipping and even for many other items without minimum purchase. I am so grateful because shipping can cost a lot especially for these furniture. I found the online coupon codes from’s best super saving deals. We don’t see so much value when it is not our money we spent, but when it is our own and we have limited funds, we can see it’s value and adjust our spending attitude. That is what exactly I did. See how far your budget will go when you shop with these promo codes online so every one on our gift list will be taken care of, satisfyingly, for them and for us, because we did not spend that much, just being practical.

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Cold war

T Time will heal, I hope soon, but nasal decongestant really helped especially when I had trouble sleeping because of my runny nose and colds and all the accompanying discomfort. This is the second time I'm having this in less than two months. My defenses are getting weaker as I contract these diseases easily now. And I know why. Just have to fight it, just like before.

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Hilton Holiday Savings in Branson

W Hiltonsocial-ad-300x400 Where do you plan to spend your holidays this season? As for me, it will be long way, home. Travel should take us places, and not just ordinary places but interesting and unforgettable ones having a warm and homey holiday atmosphere. That is why until now sis kept talking about her previous vacations to Missouri and her stay at Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing. She really wants to go back, and it would be nice if I can go with her too so that we will both experience the satisfaction Branson has to offer to its visitors. It must be an extra ordinary place, and it is, to make such an impression in her. Branson, Missouri is the Midwest’s entertainment capital, for everything like shopping, sightseeing, amusements and attractions, dining, golfing and recreation, and accommodation for groups and social or business meeting that will be perfect in Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel with all the modern features and amenities. This holiday season Hilton has four themed vacation packages we can choose from available at the Hilton Promenade and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel: The Thanksgiving Package, It’s a Wonderful Life Package, Santa’s Coming to Town Package or the New Years’ Eve Package. Whatever package suits our vacation needs, there are so many things to do and enjoy at Branson, everyday.


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Waist fat

T There are a lot of studies from researches that made the same conclusion that the extra fat around our middle dramatically increases our risk of early death, even if we have normal overall weight. The good thing is that it is easy to monitor it. They don’t have the clear reason for the link yet, but one thing is clear: beyond the fat that is necessary for a healthy body is not healthy wherever the fat may be concentrated in the body, and this still applies to all, that increasing the amount of activity we do, the exercises and watching what we eat will help to reduce our risk of heart disease and of dying early.

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High precision optics

I I kept hearing my father-in-law’s gun shooting while hunting but I haven’t heard anything about if he killed a deer or not, or maybe I missed it? Of course we could not rely on our own unaided eyes only, especially in dark times in the field, even in daylight. Precision shooting equals high precision optics. I was looking into a sports optics website to see the optics and range finders they have and to see the specifications of the Nightforce rifle scopes that are available today. And sure enough, from binoculars, to high-powered scopes of different trusted brands are sold there without sales tax and with free shipping. I am sure he can shoot the best game prize in the area given the scopes’ magnification of up to four times. Everybody would be proud, of course.

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My shopping confessions

I I am a thrifty person but when it comes to shopping, I tend to bargain here and there or just grab this and that. This time I spent a lot on things with my online shopping for my Christmas gifts to everybody, that I spent some time researching or reviewing so I get the best product. It was kind of guilty pleasure as I don't shop around so much, but it feels good to give our best eh, especially this season. I am sure they would love them. I just wish I could see their faces when they get the gifts.

Do you have something to confess about your shopping? Surprises? Guilty? Pleasured? You can make a shopping confession video of your own and sign up to participate ‘shop and confess’ contest for a chance to win cash for extra shopping spree, or to make up for what you have spent.

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Because it is necessary

A According to the narrator, "rats can swim up to half a mile if necessary". Some people are most productive when they are stressed; it is not cramming, it is the act with the rush of adrenaline due to the stressor factor. Yeah why not do something while you have a lot of free time. But I can still say I 'made' a good day today. I have been working since the early hours, I am tired now, but I still had time to catch up what was featured on TV on the background about rats. What a day.

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My web host

I I am very happy with the web host for my sites. The company has been hosting my websites for more than a year now and I never have a single problem with them. I have a good protection, support and even very good features and full control and access, even unlimited add on domains and email accounts associated with my web sites. My sites are always up and running. This what makes the web host important because we do not want downtimes, much less several hours of failure. For geeks and everyone else, if you are wondering which is the best web hosting provider among so many, or if you want to change web host without problems, see and read the reviews by web hosting geeks. That was how I came up with my web host. Reading all costumer reviews and feedbacks good and bad if there are will give us benefits. In that way we know if the host is reliable, and we can read actual experiences and possible problem we will encounter with them in the future. The good thing is that we will find reviews of hosting that are less than $10 a month for best budget web hosting with good key and bonus features, support and reliability.

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The red effect

Ive never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight
Ive never seen you shine so bright you were amazing
Ive never seen so many people want to be there by your side
And when you turned to me and smiled it took my breath away
And I have never had such a feeling such a feeling
Of complete and utter love, as I do tonight

The lady in red is dancing with me ....

W red gownWhy did the composer Chris de Burgh choose red, why not lady in blue, lady in green or any other color name we didn’t thought existed before? His first wife might be actually wearing red when he composed the love song, but for other obvious reason, there is something in the color red other than the ancient rituals of wearing red and that representing romance and carnal passion, the color of the heart, the color of love. Red is the color that makes men feel more amorous toward women. Men have a perception of sexual attractiveness and desirability to women wearing red, called the red effect. It is one of the things as ubiquitous as color red that affects someone’s judgment or behaviour towards women wearing it, seeing them ‘hot’ in the eyes. Mdh once said ‘that’s what you get in wearing it”. Well, I loved it. So now you know, just never wear red when there is a cow around. That is a different red effect.

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Saving time and money with NaturallySpeaking

W We can 'write' now without typing with our fingers for Dragon Naturally Speaking software will type what comes out of our mouth. This speech recognition software will transcribe everything you say with speed and accuracy. Watch this video to see how NaturallySpeaking software works.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon CodeIsn't it cool? It is perfect for bloggers, publishers, secretaries and assistants who want to save time and produce optimum words per minute. Now it is even more affordable. Nuance is allowing us to offer our readers a 25% off Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard Exclusive for Dragon Naturally Speaking, but you must click the image on the right and use this code (DNSMSBG) Together. Code will not work from other sources. Also save another 25% off Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred and 10% off MacSpeech Dictate.

Below is a testimonial article of the use of the software, Dragon Naturally Speaking with coupon code.

Hello my name is Brett Bumeter and I write about Dragon NaturallySpeaking quite a bit. I've been writing reviews at for a couple years now, and I wanted to share with you some insights into this great video that Drew from the blog has put together on YouTube.

Drew just recently started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and this is one of the first videos that he's done with the product. Today, you can train Dragon NaturallySpeaking in about seven minutes. So almost immediately out of the box, you can start transcribing your words into text, and that's just amazing!

The software is extremely fast and can enable you to type at 150 words per minute. That can save you a significant amount of time and energy, and I wanted to point out this aspect of it because you can kind of see it in the video. Not only is Drew speaking in a natural voice and at a natural rate of speed, but you can actually see Drew composing the words that he's going to say as he speaks them.

When you watch this video you can see that Drew is looking to the right just a little bit as he thinks of each sentence that he's going to say. Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes you use a part of the brain that you're not necessarily used to using because you typically write with your fingers on a keyboard or with a pen and pencil. When we type we use a different section of our brains than we do when we speak. We even use a different segment of our brains when we write with a pen or a pencil.

So when you first start using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you will learn how to compose with your brain. We learn to think of the words that we're going to say and then say them. With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 those words can be transcribed at such a fast rate of speed (about as fast as you can talk).

The benefits of the program are immense, as they enable us to type so much faster than we can with our fingers. The average person can type 2 to 3 times faster with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This saves us a great deal of time as we complete e-mails and messages and articles and documents two to three times faster. This gives us more time to proof read our documents and ensure that they are absolutely fantastic, and it can enable us more time to do other work, or even spend time with our family or the people that are important to us.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is relatively inexpensive, and right now, through this article that you are reading, you can receive an exclusive discount of 25% off with an exclusive Coupon code and link with prices that starts at $75 after discount! Then you can join Drew and I and start typing at 150 words per minute too!

If you type 20 e-mails a day, and you type at a speed of approximately 50 words per minute in your e-mails that are say, 200 words long each, that means that your e-mails will take you four minutes to write. At 20 e-mails a day, that's 80 minutes spent writing e-mail. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you could write those same e-mails at 150 words per minute, or approximately a minute and 20 seconds per e-mail and finish all of your e-mails in about 26 minutes. That means you could save over 53 minutes per day just from writing e-mails alone. At a cost of $75, if your time is worth, at minimum $10 an hour, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will pay for itself in about a week ($75/{$10*53/60} = 8.5 days). If your time is worth more than that, it will pay for itself, much faster. If you write more. It will also pay for itself, much faster also. The bottom line is that it can save you time and money, and these days we all need that type of help.

So, please enjoy this video that Drew is put together and consider how Dragon NaturallySpeaking could work for you to save you time and help you improve your quality of life and just about pay for itself with the discount codes that Nuance is offering exclusively to blog readers.

Best regards,
Brett Bumeter.

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Someone is watching

Me. And I saw him standing two meters right in front of the door. It was eight o'clock at night last Friday. Since I came here that was the first time ever a stranger buzz the doorbell at night. He might not be what we thought he was, but not long ago here in this place we had an incident. Maybe he thought that I am asleep already, but due to my curiosity, I was watching him through the peep hole, trying to see if I know the man. He was standing such that the post's shadow was covering his face so I had no I idea who he was, all I can tell in my 'report' is that he was wearing a black jacket. The strange(r) thing was, he left cutting though the middle of the yard in the dark toward the bushes, when there was a bright driveway he could walk on, whoever he was. He had not return yet, forbid, he had no reason to. I was not afraid, only nervous a bit because I didn't know his motives. I made it through the night but subconsciously, my sense of hearing was conscious of the noise outside. I really thank the Lord for watching over me.

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With tactical pants

I I have prepared the stuff that I am going to send home through Balikbayan box package. Tomorrow the cargo guy will come to pick the boxes up for delivery. It has been so long now it is just about time I send something home. Those are my gifts for my family, for Christmas. I had a surprise gadget there for my brother, hymnal for my sister, scents for all of them, shoes and bags, clothes including a tactical pant, and other nice little things that I hope and sure know will make them happy. Overall, they are a good deal, I am glad I found them.

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Hot tub cover from spascenes

spa mural

I I finally had the chance to install the hot tub cover that I won from through Triangle Direct. I received it through Fedex days ago. The installation was very easy and I had no difficulty doing it alone. Isn't it beautiful? It surely made a good difference. Now that is for a complete spa experience. Thank you spascenes for the very nice product!

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Formal tux

F For me it is sexy for a man to wear a tuxedo during weddings and formal occasions, as well as a ruggedly type on different settings. One night in Amsterdam last year an occasion called for the men in their tuxes, and so mdh too. It was impressive. Whether they’re tailor-made for you or ready made and brand new, the best materials and accessories are at formal tux.

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Hassle free

D During our trip to New Orleans, of course we would not miss Bourbon Street, the center of entertainment, nightlife and part. Our hotel was not so far, but a considerable walking distance though. But it was worth the fun of seeing all kinds of people, of all ages, tourists and locals alike, even young mothers carrying their babies in their disposable diapers or pushing their strollers on the bourbon street. We wanted to watch a certain show but we ended up going back to hotel before it even opened. It was a good time. A very memorable one for me.

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Raindrops and roses

This is a photo I shot few weeks ago when we have an unexpected rain which delighted the thriving roses. It was so fresh and a refreshing sight. No wonder they were few of Maria's favorite things.

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Personalized Christmas Cards

Y You must have been thinking already about Christmas, the meals, the party, gifts and cards to give to our loved ones, employees, workmates, clients and for other lucky people. As for me, I have already begun shopping online for presents for everybody. I am so excited. It is indeed blessed to give. Two Christmases ago, we bought a box of Christmas and holiday cards. Since this time it is so much more meaningful to me, I thought of making or creating my own personalized cards. But no I am not going to print them because our machine here is not designed for high quality print outputs. I am looking into Vista print’s Personalized Christmas Cards and other kinds of custom holiday cards, with our photos in it, and we can personalize the message too. The reasons I prefer it over the other holiday cards from the stores are that the cards can be personalized, of course, in few minutes; they have hundreds of elegant designs we can choose the templates from; they are basically of the same cost with the other bulk cards; and delivery is as fast as three days! Isn’t it perfect? It would be the perfect Christmas card to give to my mother-in-law.

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