Someone is watching

Me. And I saw him standing two meters right in front of the door. It was eight o'clock at night last Friday. Since I came here that was the first time ever a stranger buzz the doorbell at night. He might not be what we thought he was, but not long ago here in this place we had an incident. Maybe he thought that I am asleep already, but due to my curiosity, I was watching him through the peep hole, trying to see if I know the man. He was standing such that the post's shadow was covering his face so I had no I idea who he was, all I can tell in my 'report' is that he was wearing a black jacket. The strange(r) thing was, he left cutting though the middle of the yard in the dark toward the bushes, when there was a bright driveway he could walk on, whoever he was. He had not return yet, forbid, he had no reason to. I was not afraid, only nervous a bit because I didn't know his motives. I made it through the night but subconsciously, my sense of hearing was conscious of the noise outside. I really thank the Lord for watching over me.

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