Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry

T They can make a difference, so can you, so can we all, in different ways. I have seen several programs in the magazines about granting wishes for the many families who have wishes especially for their children. It is a great cause and will sure make a very big difference and especially joy to the children for after all it is Christmas. There is one way we all the do the same and will make a big help to the needy American military family, to join and support the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry by donating any amount which will then be converted to a gift cards for the 30,583 families that wish kids’ shoes and clothing especially this winter and other useful stuff this Christmas. This is your way of saying thanks for those families that sacrifice. What do they really need? American military families register to the program and say their wishes and prayers and your part is to say thanks to them and give some love to grant the children’s wishes with their families at home. All the online contributions will be divided equally to the families for a really different Christmas. So if you are moved to do something big and a difference this season that will make a lasting joy to the recipient family and the giver, this is it.

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