My best friend

I If there is one thing that I missed most in my life, it is my best friend. I missed her so much. I have never find someone like her yet. And that is what is sad. With her I can be myself, pour out my heart, and lean my head on her shoulders. With her I talk everything out without fear and hesitation for we have the trust real friends share. With her I can talk out everything I feel without fear that she will judge me or not understand me. She is the person who listens and sympathizes and advises when she sees something wrong, in a way that is a comfort to you. With her you can talk out everything so that all the burdens you feel inside will be released out from your heart. She is a person who will not betray you, instead, defend you and uplift you appropriately to other people, and not speak ill of you. She can be your greatest encourager and critic and source of strength. How much is she cost? She is priceless. All the wealth in the world cannot buy a best friend. I don’t have wealth, and I really need my best friend. Wherever she is now, I pray that God will continually bless her heart and guide her. Somewhere in the world, someone is thinking well of her.

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