The dance studio

T The dance floor looked so spacious with no one inside the studio. It really is of a pretty size with name tags taped on the red carpet. I was just in the hallway and peeped inside. It would be bad of me to get inside when one is in. I have uttered 'hello' several times but nobody answered. It sure is a quiet place I was wondering if they are still open (the building is) or already deserted. But I lingered on for few minutes. I have been planning to inquire about them few days ago and I don't want to go home unsatisfied. To my relief, someone replied to my 'hello' with 'yes?' Was it a ghost? No one is around I kept looking for the other person, and then his head appeared through the opening on the farthest side opposite me. He told me to go there and I crossed the empty dance floor. Dang! He scared the hell out of me! He met me halfway, half naked with only his briefs on, or whatever it is his dance briefs because it is so short! Barnacles, I almost screamed, but he told me to not mind it, but still, 'oh my goodness' nagpabuyag jud xa! He told me to come inside that little room where he was when I was calling and I was really hesitant. He entertained me with the same half outfit! Oh well. In my mind I was thinking what to do in case.. But it was alright. It seems Monday we will start the dance of life.

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