H How do you cope with depression? Every one of us has different coping mechanisms, others sink down to it, others compensate it with too much eating to the point they become obese, but I am not saying though that all obese are depressed people. Not all. But for me, there are so many things I want to say, places I want to go. I want to go to the unfortunate peoples' places, to the mission field if I can, help feed the hungry, not because I am depressed, but because I know how is it to be hungry; comfort the broken-hearted and the discouraged, because I know how it feels to be comforted; I want to hold those unfortunate little children's hands and let them know that they can count on me, and that we can share and brighten their days, because I know how it is to have a very happy childhood despite our lack; with children there are no pretense, no betrayal and no taking advantage of one another, all are innocent and pure. Sure this is yet unlikely to happen, from my past to the present time, but now I am so happy and contented that I am able to give to the needy and deserving ones and even myself when I can afford to. There is joy unspeakable that also releases the pains you kept inside, in giving.

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