companionshipMaybe he could not hold it anymore that my father-in-law asked all of a sudden if I ever get lonely in the house all by myself. It is wonderful to have time with one's self, in solitude where you have all the space and peace you need, but of course I yearn companionship. It's different when there is someone who will listen to you, whom you can comfortably talk and share thoughts. But I coped. Just like my mother-in-law, we find companionship in books worth reading. Books don't hear nor listen but we can learn a lot of things more than what other people can tell us, and besides, they won't disagree with you in every chance :-D. And it is in times like these that I miss my companion cats. Those bundles make me smile and laugh. I'm getting used to it, but of course I yearn to see the outside. That's soon enough, no need to get serious.

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