Wanna be physically healthy

I I saw a woman the other day while we were in town. I was waiting for some things so I was just there therefore had time observing her. I can’t help it because she was facing my direction or at least few degrees away from me. I was really wondering at first where she was looking because she seemed to be looking at something 30 degrees downward from her eye level (was she looking at the tires?) when in fact she was talking to someone near me at 175 degrees. Look what my eyes were doing to me. But what I was sure of was that, she was not a very healthy woman, I mean, she was overweight, too much in fact. As we head back we were talking about it. We become what we let our bodies be. While we were not yet in the point of almost ‘no return’ from being overweight, we can do a lot of things like exercise, physical activities and eating proper diets. Some even take weight loss supplements too to shred the excess fats. Working and sitting in the office all day long does not necessarily make us gain weight on and on through the years. We can have active life too outside of it, to prevent it to over weight us.

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July 28, 2009 at 4:00 AM

I think by eating vegetables and taking their soups. Doing yoga regularly is the easiest way to loss weight. I have loosed 30 kg without taking any fat burning pills and other weight loosing products.