Giving without reserve

Halloween, and other important holidays are drawing near. And the day reminds me of my first Halloween here in the US, with the tradition of giving candies to funny children clad in spooky attires. I wanted to be a gracious host but I was a bit clueless, but my mother-in-law was more than glad to be in the rescue. We were excited hostesses to open the door to whoever kids in town that was up to the fun. Clueless I bought a lot candies and sweets to give away prior to that night, but then somehow I let my mother-in-law take the lead, and I observed, and she started giving candies to every kid who knocked. And I mean candies, four pieces at the most. I was shocked because I thought we would give generously, even when a hundred children will come, which was not likely anyway, we would still have a lot of giveaways. And besides, I thought about the feelings of the kid given just few pieces of candies, opening two hands together and following the fifth candy my mother-in-law would retrieve, and looked at us as if we were not participating good. I told her that we should give more but she replied that those were enough.

It was still an enjoyable experience at the least, but I promised I would make up for the next time. Who knows some kids might have sent word around not to come to this particular house, and so I may be sure to fulfill that promise. And when I give, it would be really giving, without reserve, but of course you should calculate already, one that would make them smile, and one that could make me myself contented and feel like I have given the best at the chance.

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