H Home alone again. I need intelligent and compassionate company, but I guess I just have to deal with it and rather let it strengthen me, even though the fact that my feet are still tied that I couldn't go anywhere is most discouraging and crushing. I missed my husband terribly. How I wish we were always together. I'm a homebuddy, but still.. I will pass the weeks finally finishing my project that has not been touched lately, which my mom has been bugging me about. Maybe it's about time, way past time to have it ready, and hopefully followed to the last line I drew. Without occupation it's gonna be lonely, but I definitely could have some fun and a breather, well don't we? We have come this far, we can do it just as easy as before. Waiting for hubby, gosh the days are so slow. I will just not think of it, and before I'll know it, we will be together again in each other's arms. I missed my husband so much here. In few days it will be our wedding anniversary.

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