Chilly morning

W What an early start of the day! Some people were supposed to come to the house this morning so I was set to wake up early and prepare. I woke at 2am. Woke up again at six. Still sleepy, and I had a very bad dream, omG, it finally made me get up of the bed at seven.

The first man came to service the house and around it against bugs and insects. His comments were that it is a chilly morning, and that there is some tiny ice on the roof! I thought it was funny. I mean I haven’t got outside yet that cold morning to notice the tiny ice capping the ridge, all I knew was that it was supposed to have snowed last night; and I see it managed to little. I went outside anyway after he left, to open the shop building for someone else would come to work on one faulty sensor that at first scared the heck out of me, and disturbed the neighborhood for two nights in a row with the false alarm. When I reached the building and about to open the door, I realized that I had the wrong key! Man! I was not yet fully awake! So I jog back to the house to get the right key. I didn’t mind. The snow comment made my day. The second man had fixed the sensor, that what adjustments he made should stop the problem, and yes he commented, it is a chilly morning.

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