Body wellness

MMy parents and other elders were indeed right. When we were growing up they used to tell us to get some vitamins from the sun early in the morning, not just for our health and to be active, and to be up early and be productive. It is true that we get good vitamins for the skin from sunlight! We don’t get it just from milk and others; they are called supplements aside from the natural source. But of course too much of exposure especially when the sun is high is not good for the skin, some which may lead to cancer.

But if you don’t get enough sun, even the early hours of the morning, you’d better supplement your skin by taking vitamin D like Bio D-Mulsion, not just for healthy skin, but because this supplement enhances absorption so that your bones get their part too therefore preventing back pains as lacking in vit. D also lessens bone’s absorption of calcium. See they are all interrelated. Oasis advanced wellness also has body natural purifier in the form of Oregano Oil which cleans the body as well as enriching it with vitamins and minerals.

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