M My heart constricts when I think of my youngest brother. He is very smart and intelligent and he wants to pursue a career that he wants since he was little. We are very proud of him. But it is like your goal is just within arms length but it's very hard to reach it. He is serious in his studies, and he is our baby brother. I really wish I could help and support him a lot to achieve his dreams, but as of now I have no financial means. His course is very expensive, so all of us my parents and my sisters all contribute to hopefully afford the present needs. I know how it feels, how he feels like now. I will just help him all I can and encourage him, give him moral and financial support, and cry in secret. Just when he comes to a strange big unfamiliar place to realize his dream, my eldest sister left the place to go abroad. My heart constricts so much I wish I was there to guide and be with him, and to be with my sister.

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  Stela James

June 22, 2010 at 4:28 AM

Wow, one of the best read posts so far.

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