I It is not fun when your laptop motherboard seemed to be fried, (and I am planning on fixing it myself, I am daring me, as if it's an easy work for someone without experience doing it!). It is also not fun to go to the dentist's office, though it is needed, in fact, I kind of not really like to go there, but today the dental hygienist is so sweet, professional and kind, bless her heart, her name is Barbara. And because of her, I am not 'not having fun today', even though it took longer than necessary for the dentist to extract the stubborn tooth, which I joked about, and he laughed. It's not fun to bite some gauze to keep my gum from bleeding, but it could have been worse. I am glad everything went okay today. I thank God. Oh, and it is not so fun to pay that much! But glad insurance is there to handle half of the huge amount. I am just thankful for today.

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